7 Reasons why Ben Affleck is a hell of a good Batman (if not the best)

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Now, let me tell you something, there are some reasons out there of why people in general hate Ben Affleck regardless making the Batman/Bruce Wayne character and I can’t find a solid good one to tell me: "Hey, that's it".

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a huge Ben Affleck fan, haven’t seen Gone Girl, wich is apparently one of his best recent performances; nor even ever watched Good Will Hunting wich grant him an Oscar award. But I did loved The Accountant and, on the other hand, definitely greatly disliked -not to say hate- Daredevil.

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And before you continue reading, let’s get one thing straight, I do think Affleck is a great Batman, and you might or might not continue reading after this statement, but if you do choose to stay, just let me tell you why.

First of all, there are two main reasons I could gathered why Batman fans don’t quite see Affleck as the Dark Knight. One has to do with the reincarnation of our superhero in the flesh of Christian Bale in Nolan’s trilogy. It was solid, Bale’s a veteran and the direction and art concept weren’t a complete disaster, in fact, were brilliant, clean, consistent, realistic and dark.

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I grant Bale’s success mainly to Christopher Nolan's direction with a good supporting cast such as Heath Ledger’s Joker and Tom Hardy playing Bane. The realistic concept of the films was original and totally opposite to the previous Batman and Robin made by Joel Schumacher; or how I like to call it "the movie that we wish never existed".

To be honest I don’t like Bale as Batman as much as all of you do, but I acknowledge his accomplishment.

In second place, those who saw the Daredevil fiasco could have fallen into panic when Affleck was announce to play our beloved Batman in the fears that he could have tear the part completely into pieces… again.

But let’s be cool about it; he didn’t. Affleck did a really great job.

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1.- To get it out of the way, Affleck is a really good looking Bruce wayne, even more than Bale... as the comic’s Bruce Wayne is supposed to be: a mature playboy, hot, rich and rough-looking muscle man. Affleck is even more akin the Warner Bros. animated version of Wayne; that is a huge-square kind of shape. And this is the fan-girly reason right here.

2.- To be playing a very disturbed man wearing a bat suit, Affleck really delivers. In Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor lets settle that the Batman job it’s taking a toll on Bruce… a mental toll. No other Batman has been able to demonstrate kind of break down on the screen. This brings another dark shade to the character, as it’s supposed to be.

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3.- Affleck pulls off Wayne AND Batman. Just for you to know my favorite Batman ever it’s and will always be Michael Keaton -yes I’m a 90’s kid, or was… whatever- but as much as I love him as the Batman, Keaton could never deliver a great Bruce Wayne, to me the Wayne in him was to much a kind of yuppie; not dark enough… just cashing sirens.
Affleck does de Wayne with style and mystique, and he’s a kicking *ss costumed vigilante, in other words: a BAMF.

4.- He’s mad. Ben Affleck’s Batman it’s just bat sh-t crazy. Unlike any other Batman, this one it’s out of himself for some moments there. He's not only plain angry; he’s paranoid, lies to Alfred, and has mommy issues... This is the natural development of the character: a man who’s fought crime throughout his life just to see that evil never quits, never stops no matter how hard you fight it, it’s always going to be there. What can that do to a man’s syque?

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5.- Not the good guy. Affleck’s Batman it’s just not the good guy anymore… talking about branding bad villains like cattle. Even if this feature falls a little afar from the comic book character, this is a new approach were the superhero adapts to darker times, to meaner criminals. He’s willing to do anything to save the day, except of course murder people. That would retire him from the superhero hall of fame.

6.- His suit it’s the most faithful to the comic books that other before. Even if you love Burton’s bug-like version like I do, Affleck suit it’s the closest to the classical look of the gray and black armour; perhaps we’ll see some yellow soon, maybe?

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7.- And Ben Affleck just loves to Play Batman: During the Justice League Hall in the 2017 ComicCon the actor said that “It was f-cking amazing” to play the role of and that he was very excited for the JL movie. Unlike Christian Bale who revealed, during an interview in Josh Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confuse, that he doesn’t like superhero movies. Too much excitement for a british I guess?

Come on! I like an actor who’s a little or even more excited for his job like we are! Or it didn’t cast you down the “Sad Affleck” meme that made us believe the actor was devastated because fans didn’t like him as Batman? People, have a heart!

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