Endangered sea animal tuntong

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Hi friends, steemit, today I will reply about the sea or batagur (batagur borneoensis). These reptiles also exist in Aceh. Animals, including protected animals, have very strong jaws and claws, so what if you find them in your area don't touch them carelessly, because they are very aggressive towards humans and don't kill them.
In Aceh, more precisely Aceh Tamiang, has a marine tangkarang, because this animal is very rare and the purpose of making marine tawong breeding is used to preserve these animals from extinction. Even sea tutelary breeding is also an educational tourist spot for all circles, both children and the elderly.
The local government also supports the marine ponds conservation area and has followed up on the marine ponds that only exist in Aceh apart from other countries. This endangered animal has even been protected by the Regent of Aceh Tamiang to issue a protection regulation through Kep. Regent No. 2 of 2014, No. 63 of 2014 and strengthened by the qanun of Aceh Tamiang District No. 3 of 2016 concerning the Protection of Tuntong Laut Species.
Therefore, we must protect and preserve this endangered animal. Lest we not be able to see this beautiful animal by destroying its habitat. ^ _ ^



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