BRAVE Browser is a No Brainer $BAT #crypto #invest

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If you are familiar with crypto then you have likely heard of Brave Browser. If you are not, then let me introduce you to something that will likely change the way you surf the internet forever. The Brave Browser was made by the guy who create Mozilla and Firefox to start, so you know it is legit right off the BAT (see what I did there lol). For the everyday user, brave browser was created to shield the user from ALL ads. This is AMAZING. Check out the screenshot below from zerohedge, a website that I go to a lot considering the amount of quick financial news and stories this site puts out.

Upon going to this site, Brave blocked 24 ads from popping up on my screen and on the site. Zerohedge has lost my traffic because it has so many ads and goes so slow, but now with the power of the Brave browser I will be visiting this site once again because now the pages load so much faster. This is an incredible user experience. Likewise, Brave is powered around BAT, the Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency that allows the user to REWARD the authors within Brave instead of those author building wealth what would otherwise be from ad rewards. The user attention will be monetized both from the author prospective and from the user prospective if they choose to watch the ads.

BAT is currently trading around $0.13 which is to know surprise considering the entire sector has been killed in 2018. However, this is one of my top 5 tokens that I believe WILL survive and WILL prosper in the future.

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Thanks for heads up, @heyimsnuffles. Didn't know about the Brave browser and am downloading to my laptop as I write this.

I use Brave on my phone and laptop, it's a great browser. I just don't understand why Brave needs the BAT token, can't they just use another cryptocurrency or the dollar? You don't need BAT to use Brave and you can already pay for content through other means. Getting paid a fraction of a BAT to watch Ads defeats the whole purpose of why Brave is so good. Brave is a top browser but I feel to see why BAT is a good investment.

I definitely agree with the bullish fundamentals of the token, but that sure damn looks like a juicy descending triangle, ready to break down soon, or at most after a visit to the $0.24 range.

Thanks introducing me to Brave. I will check it out.

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As for someone who puts a lot of effort in our websites, seeing people blocking ads is very discouraging for us of independent people. Only big companies will survive and the middle sized (independent) pages will vanish. I wish that browser would have a way to generate an income for webmasters.

I will give this a shot, I like the idea of blocked adds. Thanks for sharing the information.

Brave is a great browser. I also like Opera as it has a built in VPN.