Bastrastanovia War Exposures

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Today is a date that is recalled by the King of Bastrastanovia. On this day six years ago his phone calls attempting to alert first responders to terrorist hack were rerouted to a foreign number. The reverse trace of subject fleeing upon this date has resulted in origin trace to the boarder nation. The Bastrastanvoian King is a aware that the nation of the sea has allied with the boarder nation. This days cryptic protocol addresses ideology, reality, and post traumatic stress disorder.

At first the impossible happens.

Next, traumatic stress creates a disorder.

Years later the condition is improving. But, it first requires making the impossible possible.

Hack devices make possibility of diversion in routing over cell phone systems. Fortunately, as far as all appearances have it, the King of Bastrastanovia appears alone in interception/rerouted phone numbers upon this date. The fleeing subject has apparent ties to major motion pictures professionals. The industry has a law set of its own. However, the laws of the film industry have been broken by the fleeing subject. The talk of the subjects asylum has yet to be addressed by media this day. Perhaps, it's like PTSD and fading haunting memories. As time goes by the relevance of some things falls away into the abyss. The nation in which has provided the runaway asylum has not been addressed in this science fiction.


A declaration of war was imposition of ultimatum. The paths of connectivity offer ultimatum that consists of appropriation of justice. As the request, and with request unfurnished. The pending ultimatum announces war has been declared. The archive of elements that arrive to support the conspiracy of Bastrastanovia are by prophecy. Whereas, the protocol or scripture of the King of Bastrastanovia have been written to provide command strategy to those that favor the King's position. The position of favoring the King is one that presents the appropriation of inheritance. The Bastrastanovian King's inheritance has been attacked. The nation of his birth has supported the terrorist forces in tandem with the boarder nation. The result is further strategy offering the conspiracy as a saving grace to participants.


The hypothetical represents an offering that will be outlined in this section to produce a debate over civilian considerations during the proceeds of war.

The consideration for rocketry set by triggers to tease launching air superiority devices for a better understanding has occurred. The 190 rockets began the teasing. The exposure of air superiority devices resulted. As Bastrastanovia Part 7 has predicted preemptively the tease was without casualty. The objective of the King of Bastrastanovia is to war with a sense of justice and appropriation. At this time the consideration of civilian casualties to result from conduct of proceeds is at hand for debate. Additional rocketry has proposed the ability to overload said launchers which intercept offensive launches. The success rate of stopping such rocketry is known. The film has provided for enough evidence in the first launch to suggest that only the response fire was responsible for civilian casualties of the 190. As predicted, it was as it it happened shortly after in Bastrastanovia. But, it did. Wherein, the fiction saw the rockets in two waves thus far.

The third wave strategy must consider civilian losses. The rocketry calculations provide for flight paths. The exposure of defenses provide for distances for rockets compromised by interceptors. The consideration of testing has resulted in loads reaching up to 14,000 megatons to provide 70,000 foot of destruction radius. Considering the boarder nation populations and size. The furthering wave will surely take civilian lives in the masses should such loads be used in proceeding war. The ultimatums have failed. Therefore, the continued strategy offers for the allotment of 250,000 megaton's in loads to be dedicated for the operative. Trigger sets will now host holding for a larger load that shall be calculated by time. Whereas, the localized rocket set fires. Upon the teasing of the interceptors a larger 14,000 megaton load arrives to calculation of previous rocket flight paths. The consideration must ask; "Should the larger loads be used in order to reduce the interceptors by ten hosting facilities?" The hosting facilities, or locations where interceptors have been exposed, have 70,000 feet of destruction to consider. Between the point of the interceptor and the larger megaton loads will be destroyed. What is the acceptable number of civilian casualties? If ten interceptors are to be taken out with this method. Could they not be taken out with smaller rockets? Perhaps, yes. Smaller rockets may be able to take out the air superiority. However, there is reason for the larger load to present that a foreign military is responsible for what propagation is writing to be a terrorist movement. Bastrastanovia suggests that the King's protocol is at work, that casualties to this point have all been by response fire, and that the objective aims to reduce the threat to civilian population. While, the strategy of pinpoint targeting of boarder nation corruption is possible. It is not possible without the complete reduction of interceptors. Therefore, the necessity to reduce the number of interceptors must deduce that some civilian casualties will result from this method of execution. The reason for the acceptance of such measure may result in the declaration's exposure. Providing the mask has been revealed by way of much larger load. Increasing the offensive load size from mid range rocketry to arsenal of loads totaling approximately 250,000 megatons. At 14,000 megatons each there is enough dedicated to propose that availability to destroy 225 miles of properties make for actual radius of destructions effectivity. This provides that the entirety of the border nation can be reduced with a third wave. Consideration for such destruction may result in a maximum of 11,000,000 or more to perish. The full scale war schematic offers that defense may be lended by allied. At which point alliance of Royal entities may engage in the hydrogen bombing of the west coast in the nation over the sea. With two potential targets; First in a building related to space exploration where reverse trace of hacks upon the King of Bastrastanovia have been reported, Second in a building where federal agency continually failed to respond to reporting citizen reporting aiding and abetting of treason by way of conduct in participation of criminal Son of Sam Law crime violation. The proposition offers that massive casualties are expected as perhaps an example to provide the Royal families inheritance shall not be compromised. But, secondarily to impose dual default upon allied nations. Whereas, fund freezing upon all citizens whom take either or both allied nations as their singular or dual residency will be imposed. The control of lands shall be reverted to Royal sovereignty and action shall result in assumption of governance position. The knowledge of execution is in debate. Whereas, larger loads provide that the war is actual with alliances to reduce both the boarder nation, and nation over the sea to nothing. There is no ultimatum only choice of militant elitists assisting the strategy of Royal restoration.

The alternative method is to continue to bombard, select targets, impose by way of espionage in taking up position of governance. The second alternative is far more time consuming and may not reduce threats of violations of privacy rights immediately. The nation over the sea has been assumed by rebels after claims of illegal search and seizure. The nation over the sea must provide 628,000,000 warrants for devices extracted by devices similar to the Stingray Hack device and Cellebrite hack technology. Where warrants cannot be furnished. Those who have gained access to databases have violated privacy rights. As agents of law enforcement those in violation should be held to a higher standard of law.

The Royal cavalry is ready to stand with the King.

The debate begins.

"Should the load size of offensive arsenal be increased to provide that a multiple of nations is in assembly of war?"

"Should the larger loads be used, and should press differ to relationship propagating that it's a third party nation advancing after multiples of threats were made from the boarder nation imposing war be brought to the third party nation?"

"Should smaller size load continually be set by trigger and high value corruption targets be among those affected by onslaught of rocketry?"

The debate of civilian casualties can only come down to one concept; "Is time of the essence?"

"Don't wish for paradise. Seal your paradise with us. There is paradise with us."


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