Bastrastanovia Ultimatums

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The development of this story now reverts calling for peace armistice once more. The King has elevated in this passage. The ultimatum has provided that the restoration shall be assisted by the boarder nation. This passage contains an additional avenue of thought for processing. The work of connectivity shall be cryptic in means to protect the action of a "Royal Collective." The Royal Collective has a fascinating way of communication. A reelection provides that the ultimatum in previous passage has provided the war scenario has ended. The boarder nation has submitted to the King.

The Royal Collective is a group of elitists that have advanced their skills of communication. The connectivity is so unique, and advanced that it can only be placed in cryptic. Those that understand voicing of protocol from remote locations are assembling. The Royal Collective has a way of voicing that is unique. The voicing projection ability isn't the only advancement of the collective. Communication without voicing is an advancement that isn't shared by all. Whereas, the ability to project a voice from a far off remote location is possible. The keys to solve the riddle are well hidden. The reversing of code trace offers that Bastrastanovian works expose communications advantage. While, some can voice. Not all can access the connectivity of listening from a remote place.

Mind to mind connectivity is among the Royal Collective. However, not all voices can communicate without the voicing of subjects taking protocol. The creation of such strategy is developed and advanced by intellectuals. The prowess offers powers unfolding as the King returns to his mother. The collective consists of; A group of projectors that can voice and mind message, a twin soul pair that can also project and voice, three single females in addition can voice. In consideration to the collectives ability of such discovery. This passage confirms to the Royal Collective that their efforts are not in vain. The verification to all is sent upon the release of this passage.

Voice to me, and be for us all.
We are more than one.
There is a King once more.
From afar I hear.
In silence I answer.
Voicers mind messages, and Bastranovian title affirmation bestowed.
This world is about to change.
Last night proximities orange ball arrive.
Stand down, lest ye be the King's pride.
Work with us, never against us, and you'll understand why.
The King may voice to the air, and walk as if immune.
The fame of it all protects the born commanders truth.
Be sealed in our journey together.
In the future we shall find.
A ballerina, equestrian, beauty queen, political body, and bonded pair living an alternative life.
The King grows stronger with team to ensure; "With us now, and forever more."


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