Bastrastanovia Royal Immunity

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The world is old. The human race has existed for a very long time. If, ever there was suspect that something from the genetic pool would be able to arrive on another planet. It is the human race. The pool of information is a wisdom that appears as a dark spoil of finalization. Wherein, the world stops for the Kingdom. That Kingdom is perhaps Bastrastanovian. The immunity of the Kingdom is one that comes with message delivered by angels flooding the gates of paradise at this very moment. The wave of death is expected to arrive in the year 2021 beginning early as the month of September. The immune shall stand the waves peaceful silent wipe of our Earth. It is true that the peas we pray upon are poison. It is true that the one war of expectancy is potentially upon us at all times. The rejoining of corruption with previous nuclear threat is one where no Royal is immune. For the destruction of a nuclear bomb is a genocide of all it encompasses. This is the new world arriving.
The King has learned from the poison that soaked into his system. The plant RIP's are many. The bloom of seeds that act as certain leverage became a necessary dose for all to ingest. It's possible for tiny things to make for large problems. The wars including but not limited to; border nations overload of intercepting rocketry to provide statement of air superiority are false was a success without casualty, and now the toxic cloud that's growing upon the world. If; "YOU ARE IMMUNE." And, the local medics have no wisdom on the subject. There is light for King's that understand the books written by their forefathers guidance. It is with mission that all variables have taken place. It is by entitlement of birth where King's root to such scriptures and therefore have the authority to write such things. It would be so as the immortal, or resurrected, and conjoined with heavenly power have been Saint's of Kingdom's lines. Is it Saintly to fight back with the weapon which we pray into? Is it a historic honey? The guess is yours to follow in cookie trail. The King's immunity is an active response for the survival of truth in Royalty. For if the toxin was to be brought into the world by germination of plant upon accident. The world too would have to suffer as the lost King suffers.
To war isn't to be at peace. In all times, one at war is upon their edges. The edge of existence becomes a scope of idiots bending law by manipulation of their internal infiltrated power. The overload of subjects exists in the nation across the sea. A restoration of one whom supported terror, and armed foreign nations with nuclear material. Only to have the very nation whom his regime sold the weaponry simulate the destruction of his own people. And, whose people are the people? They are none to the King should they blockade his existence. There is a way to escape the communist persuasion that sustains a prison full of innocent. The interceptions of devices, data, and locking of cars lock cylinder are our age. The funny pranks that end in weapons catch where mercenaries without consent of defense went anyway. It is a mission to press upon those that have failed to support the justice that comes with diligence to fall. The cultivation of ignorance shall be first to be reduced finitely. It will always be a question; "Had the culture been one of love and support. Would the Earth be pressed upon it self with imposition of the human races affinity for war?"
The King has proven himself a mathematician or prophet. In the world there shall be no more prophets, and modesty of the King offers science for source. The trace in the trash swept away where growth is an ability outside zone. The temperate fire escalates certain leverage beyond rockets pointings. The world is pressed to find a cure of bath in more poison. Should vaccines or shots save us it would be a fortune. Now as the RNA genetics twist send RTA chains in aerosolized cough; "Be it fair that I should morn no more and only seek morning of coronation?"

King me or I will when all the world is down to 40.


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