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Me and dad were both managers our freshman year of high school, for dad at Crater Lake High School, it was 1965 - 1966, probably, his freshman year, and for me, the Forest Grove High School (FGHS), 2000 - 2001, but I tried out for the first three months or so as our tryouts went on for a while and then they told me I could be a manager but not a bench warmer and I ended up quitting as in not showing up after November of 2000. I ended up doing other things and dad ended up playing in high school and at the Umpqua Community Colelge in Roseburg.


​Waited for dad to pay me before going off to get an ID and food stamps. Last week, we worked for Chinaman moving boxes at their other house in Portland and dad paid me $40 for that and I went off to buy/renew an Oregon ID which I lost in Vietnam which cost $40. What a coinky donk.


This is my daily diary post with random stuff for the record for me, JA, and I just try my best to post photos, videos, and posts, each day, as a part of my diary journal blog thing online, offline, and everyday, for the record, and I am still in the middle of deciding where to live, move, and in regards to work, and more. Will try to continue to share more of my life each day as I have been.


Mom, you asked me why I waited and that was part of the reason. I mostly was waiting to see what dad may or may not do to give him an opportunity to maybe make better choices in regards to me and everything. I'm waiting for the ID in the mail right now. It was not a new ID but a renewed ID.


Should I have my mail forwarded to your address in Shelton? Paid about $2 in 2008 to have my mail forwarded to where I lived in PDX. Today, was wondering about whether my mail is still going to PDX or not. I wondered what happened with that. I'm not too sure.

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