Is A Basketball Can Gives Us Self-Discipline?

in basketball •  8 months ago


A wonderful Monday steemians!

We are the TEAM EXODUS and we play basketball to enhance our skills, build more friends and to have a self-discipline.

Basketball is a sports that teach us how to live with honor because if you play basketball you have a proper training not only physical but also in our mental to have a good decision making.

Basketball also can gives us happiness and if we step on the court we are also forget our problems for the meantime.

Basketball is not just a SPORTS but, it's a LIFESTYLE.





They are my very close friends on and off the court. They are triplets.

They are a very good friends of all. And because of basketball they earn a lot of knowledge and it gives them more discipline.

Just sharing... Thanks for giving a time on my post.

Have a nice day ahead steemians.

More powers and keep on steeming!

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