Dunk Confirmation - 8-22-18

in basketball •  3 months ago

Sometimes it is really hard to maintain the ability to dunk. I see the cupcakes and turn into a chubster for a day and have to work hard to regain my bounce. In one of the games I drove hard to the basket but I got fouled on a dunk attempt and back rimmed it real hard. I really wanted that in game dunk because it would have been an And 1 posterizer.

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Great Job Woody Harrelson..................


Hahha, The guy commentating was hilarious. He was saying in another clip "You have 3 tries" Because I guess that is what happened in the movie and Woody failed all three attempts.

what a good friend, congratulations for your nailing for me, you are a champion, since it is not easy, keep practicing so that you succeed

I misread this to say "sometimes I see all these chubcakes"

Nice man :)