NBA bets #16

in #basket5 years ago

I took some days out of Scorum to have a look at these NBA bets I am making. The bets I place on the players rebounds are working pretty well but I did have some difficulties posting them in an efficient way for few reasons, time being the most complicated to handle. In fact, most of the time the bets are linked to the injuries of some players, injuries that are officially communicated in NBA very close to the beginning of the match. This is meaning that I often placed my bets on my phone not being home or lying on my bed since in France, the game are taking place during the night. That way I couldn't post properly late decisions on Scorum from my phone, and I was only sharing the one that were available early in the day.

Today's potential bets :

Under Rebounds Marcus Morris (Cut 5.5, odd 2.090):

Without Al Horford, Morris is playing as a real 4 taking less rebounds. Add to that a b2b and a Griffin shooting many 3 and he will probably spend a lot of time out of the paint.

Over Rebounds Rudy Gobert (Cut 11.5, odd 1.775):

The cut is under his average this season, and Vusevic has difficulties against old school Big Men in the paint.

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