How To Become Successful On Steemit - Tips & Goal!

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Hey guys how's it going? Vaan here. I'm going to be sharing with you some strategies. It would help you become successful if you follow these steps and you can kind of put these in any order that you want. If you do them, I can't see how you can't be successful on this website. Let's begin.

    Investing in steam the cryptocurrency
    The reason why to invest in Steem is because your account value can go up over time. I suggest that you buy Steem cryptocurrency and put it into your wallet and power it up because it allows you so much more influence on the website and you don't have to do a whole lot, you can just do couple hundred dollars and you put yourself way head of a lot of other people. If the Steem cryptocurrency goes from a dollar to 5, your account just goes up by five times because the cryptocurrency went up in the market. What amazing is you can use your influence on this website to produce more currency and more money for not only yourself but other people in the community.

This is very important is to create really good blogs and create really good content. Put a lot of time energy and into your post. Even if you make 5-10 cent but you never know which one is gonna take off like a rocket. So you don't know until you actually create it. Keep trying until you get the results that you want.

Get the attention of the quote-unquote whales. A whale on Steemit is somebody who has a lot of influence. For example, if someone has 2.4 million dollars in their wallet. This person could put hundreds of dollars in people's account instantly. How do you get these person's attention well you get their attention by putting a really good post out there and having the right people steem and re-steem it. So create really good content and get the whales on your side. Content is King and engagement is Queen.

Everytime you make a post, you get votes every single time. So you want to build a following of people that are actually engaged with you and then create really good content for them. If you want to start trending and make hundreds of dollars. You need to build that following. Get in the comments when you make posts and try to respond to all your comments. That's how you can build a following be engaging. Spend the time with your community.

Post as consistently as possible. Try to post every day. The more consistent you are, the more that you're gonna get people to follow you and look forward to hearing from you whether it's videos or your blogs. Be as consistent as possible. if you focus on these things you're going to start to see success on Steemit.

Thank you, I hope you have a blessed day and STEEM ON!


Very good information. One thing I would add is to try and get out and read other people's content and COMMENT. Don't just say "nice post". Try and say something that can engage the poster and will receive a reply. Vote for other people and get your name out there. You'll find you'll pick up many followers just by thoughtfully commenting on their work.

Also, when it comes to going 100%SP or 50/50.....up until today actually, SBD was worth about 3 times as much as Steem. Which means that when you get your rewards, you can go to the market with your SBD and "convert" it into roughly 3 times as much SP as just getting paid 100% in SP. With this latest price move it's not as lucrative as it was but....keep an eye on both prices and if SBD is worth significantly more than SP, get your rewards 50/50. Just a tip....

Thank you for the tip. :)

Thank you so much for the tips. Actually, I felt frustrated seeing my posts without upvotes. I feel like no one ever liked my blogs. That's why I thank you, for uplifting my motivation in continuing making blogs here on steemit. Thank you so much :D

Keep going. Don't give up!

Thabk you so much :D

Your welcome

Wow SteemTurbine sounds interesting! With SMT I think blockbrothers will change the STEEM history! Great work going on, probably you all will be full time Steemians soon! @bijoy123

Yeah I try to be full time :)

A very straightforward and informative piece, so at least I know the reason it's advisable to do a 100% power up.

Content is king, engagement is queen I really like the slogan :)

Thank you. I wish you success on Steemit :)

Your article is so helpful and true, great job. Kindly follow my blog, I would appreciate your support. Thanks.

Thank you! I'll sure will :)

very nice post
please vote my post. I'm active all time
I'm going to follow you

Thank you I will do the same

What a good infor~!!

Thank you!

Hi, I have one question, I'm trying to upload a picture to my profile but from the phone, and I do not manage, what's the problem?

Thanks for your reply...

You need to click on the white circle on the right. and scroll down to setting. You will need you profile url. copy and paste in the Public profile.

I did it, and after many attempts it will not?

Hope you get it now

I forgot to thank you for the post, all the best...

I had this problem as well. I finally got one from my face book photo albums. It has to have a URL, meaning it has to be on the web somewhere already. You can try posting one of yourself in your post and copying URL from there, I saw someone do this in a tutorial, but it did not work for me. When you copy the URL make sure you are getting all of it, you can not leave off one digit or it will not work. Best wishes! Sara

Use and get the url there

Thanks a lot I'll try...

Thank you very much, I've successfully completed, great greeting ...

Great post, thanks! I’ll look into investing a bit

Your welcome! You should because the price of Steem will keep going up.

This post is very useful. Can I resteem?

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