How Is Steemit Different from Facebook and Reddit?

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What is Steemit? It is basically a social media platform similar to Facebook or you may have heard of Reddit, where users can post content, upload and curate content. So how is is platform different from Facebook and Reddit?

Facebook & Reddit

First of all Facebook and Reddit are centralized. That means they have somebody who controls the platform, where's in Steemit there is nobody who controls the platform.

In Steemit you have the only pair of keys to your own account and there's nobody else who has those keys. When the platform as a whole has to make certain decisions then the users vote for the proposals they like with their unique key.

The second important point to distinguishes Steemit from Facebook and Reddit is that it is completely transparent. So with Facebook and Reddit, there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes that you don't have access to. On Facebook, there are a lot of feeds that you don't have access to outside of your friend circle, but with Steemit it's all open. So everyone can view everything that's posted and everything that's upvoted. You can also view the code, the underlying mechanism of the system. If you're a coder or your friend a coder then you can check that everything is working as it should work.

Finally what distinguishes this platform from Facebook and Reddit is that it gives rewards directly to the users who post content and vote on content. If you post an article there that is really good and gets a lot of upvotes then you get certain payments. And the payment is done directly with cryptocurrency. It's also a mechanism where if you vote, you also get rewards and your reward is proportional to how accurate you are on voting for a good content. So if you vote for something before it gets popular and you're one of the early voters who made this big contribution to making this content popular then you are rewarded for your efforts and this incentivizes people to go through a lot of posts and check that everything is all the good.

You might ask yourself all these things, the transparency, decentralization and the reward system, it sounds a bit complex maybe too good to be true. But all of this possible because of blockchain technology so you may have heard of Bitcoin is very successful. The market capitalization the value of one as a whole is about 10 billion dollars now. It has been subjected for the past eight years since inception, it has been subject to a lot of attacks and people have tried to hack it and gain the system but nobody has succeeded and Steemit is built on the same kind of technology. You might wonder how are the rewards created in Steemit well they are created exactly like the rewards in Bitcoin. In Bitcoin, the network issues new bitcoins for people who mine, secure and verify the transactions on the network. The same is true in Steemit. We know that this kind of system works, a decentralized network issues new currencies to pay for its own security verification. Steemit uses this process to pay for the people who post and vote on content. These are really the main features and the main reason, it's not impossible to suppose that Steem and Steemit will continue to grow just like Bitcoin did the last eight years.

To sum up, I think we should realize that the value of Steemit is that it enables a system where the system pays for the most valuable content. This also serves as a kind of what is called inbound marketing, where people search different things on Google. They may search for makeup or cryptocurrencies or news or stuff like that and if a good article is posted on Steemit then Google will index this result. You have users coming in directly from Google so people will search for things they are interested in, and by accident, the Steemit platform has produced content that is valuable for this audience so it draws in more and more users as it gets more valuable and more resources to pay for more content. It's really interesting viral dynamic. So I think that sum it up on how Steemit is different from Facebook and Reddit.

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My problem with steemit so far witch i didn't see mentioned, is it empower s people to be more hateful and more discriminatory all just for the fact if i really wanted to take out a small 200k loan, dump it into steemit, and go around down voteing anybody i don't like either based on their race, skin color, even just a simple post if i don't like it, hell i could down vote them just because they have long hair, and there nothing stopping this kind of abuse, i have already seen it happen with a charity page for cancer patients, a user literally commented down vote cause think this is a scam, and that page received nothing from their post as a direct result, weather it was an actual charity page or not i do not know i did not do any real research into that matter i was just reading the page and they said they where down voted, and that's pretty much what is turning me and my friends away from steemit, and back to facebook. why would we come here when all it take is some guy with some money to come and ruin anything we try to do all over the fact of either i don't like you or your post or your race, or i can just throw more money than you at steemit than you ha ha look at me down vote. but those are just my thought on the matter, i never really see this being talked much about on steemit just the good side of it. and right now there seems to be more bad than good with steemit

My advice is to only put in what you can afford to lose. I do agree that some people abuse the system. Hope we can see through that and not believe every we see. But I do believe there's an opportunity for those who like writing content. Fb doesn't even pay a penny for your post. But I do respect your opinion.

how do you down vote?

I fell in love with the fact that users are shareholders by virtue of design, and have say in the major changes to the platform. I have been trying to tell all of my friends on social media about steemit. This is a great post to explaining a lot of topics in a concise article. Thank you!

Your welcome! Happy to help! Hope all your friends will join you on this journey soon!

Since I tried steemit I love it without a doubt I'll stick with it, thanks for the post

In short, It's the best social media I've ever used.

My oath.

In my opinion, steemit is better than any other. First, i can reach more people here because people eager to read and share. Second, content is more qualified here and really various. And third, i don't feel i need to check on my other social media accounts once i get here.

Thank you steemit!

I feel the same, I haven't been on FB for a while. I love it here!

Here is another good write up from @vaansteam. Steemit is actually in a class of its own and a first of its kind. I hope the platform flourishes beyond our expectations. Could you share your thoughts on the recent decline in the price of steem?

That's a very good suggestion, thanks for that. :)

First I joined for the reward system but now that I have access to really good quality content I am eager to create some my own. The steem comunity is amazing, we are lucky to be the ones who joined early

I agree the community is amazing and that would be awesome if we found it earlier. But it's still a beta version so we're are not that late. Let's keep growing from here!

Good write up. I would say that Facebook is basically social media and Reddit is a forum. Steemit is a blogging platform. Decentralised of course. And yes, I like that Steemit is self-regulatory through upvotes and flagging by the community itself. That does not stop people from trying to game the system but I'm enjoying it so far.

I agreed! Thanks for your awesome comment :)

I just feel that SteemIt is way too transparent. I don't know if that's a good thing or what. If people start using steemit just like facebook, stalking would be more easier

Yes, stalking hahaha and It could be seen by anyone

Nice post! Try (pls) to calculate your bids on Upvote Bots =)

There is a calculator on the site

best wishes

Thank you for the tips :)

Upvoted and Resteemed.

This is great post. I am a big fan of platforms where the users are stakeholders. The perge on YouTube recently is a great example of what happens when content creators have no say and get left out in the cold.

Thank you so much for that. Have a blessed day!

For me what is really valuable about Steemit is that you can post, comment and vote on the content that really interests you, plus you can know, through your publications, people who have their own tastes and who also do something that really like and enjoy you get paid for doing it.

The best things about it are that you get paid for doing the things that you're already enjoying doing. Good to have you here!

Steemit pay me... Others do not do it... And here there is a diversity of everything and no spam, if some, it is because you like it. I vote you and i follow you, can you do it with me?

Yes, I can. Thanks :)

Thanks for this, especially explaining the fact that steemit is decentralized.... When I saw ur blog I was talking to someone about steemit...then I saw this, it just made the explaination easier...

I'm glad I make it easier for your friend :)

this is so good i shared homie

You're very welcome

Looking nice. :)


@vaansteam produces such good articles I find myself resteeming most of them because I've found them helpful and informative and believe those following me will as well...
Maybe I should just resteem all of his articles... lol

Thank you so much! You deserve an upvote for that :) Have a nice day my friend!

It should be stated clearly. And you did it. Thank you.

Your welcome! I hope you like the platform.

Huh!! This is a great work from you, I'll follow you up to see ur next posts

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that :)

Thanks for the post, I think Steemit users are more mature and there is no troll in this platform . :)

Your welcome! Yes, so far so good on his platform :)

Thank you for explaining everything. I have only been here a week and am still learning.

Your welcome! It's great here. Wish you the best!

It is now 4:30 pm and I’m reading this post .. & it dawned on me, I have not opened FB up once today! 😳 that’s just crazy to for me! Cause I’m usually on it most of the morning ( I work from home ) But I’ve found in the last week , that there are so many amazing posts on this platform. The information I’m gaining is just mind blowing!! And the vast realm of topics! Crazy’ thanks for sharing another great post @vaansteam

Same, even though I do have a big following on FB and Instagram. Still I don't feel the need to go on as much anymore. There's so many talented people on here. It's amazing. We can learn a lot. Thank you again for supporting me. I'll do the same for you! Keep going my friend. See you at the top!

Thank you very much @vaansteam. I am very grateful.

As regards the topic, I agree with you on the point where we (the users) do not know what goes on behind the scenes for facebook and reddit.

The fact that we can earn while educating ourselves and having fun is the reason I love steemit

Thank you for agreeing with me! You're absolutely right. Nothing beats doing what we love :)

Vaansteam, are you using these posts elsewhere to try and bring people into Steamit? these are very good posts for that purpose I would think.

Yes, I was thinking that. Thank you for pointing that out.

the different of transparency system. nice article.

Yes, people can see whatever you do

Thank you :)

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This post has given me a wider knowledge on steemit and it's mechanism. All doubts have been cleared. Thanks

I'm glad that all doubts are cleared :)

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Great post! I definitely believe that Steemit has the potential to grow within the next few years. I know this sounds silly but would you able to write a post about how the whole upvoting system works? I see a lot of bots on the more popular posts and I don't understand how it works.

It could easily reach 20 per Steem by next year. It's good that you're on board now. And yes I'll be making a post about upvoting and bot soon :) Thanks again!

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Will do :)

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Thanks for the info. This will greatly help us new to steemit!

Your welcome!

Hi! Good and clear article. Especially for beginners like me. Please tell me what you think about the posts? I am already a week in Steemit and posted a few posts on various topics. But few people watched them. I tried to make posts at different times, on different topics, but the result is the same. I'm just looking at two almost identical post with teg "introduceyourself", the first scored for example 100$ , the second scored only 0.10 $ and I don't understand why. What Steemit wants from us? For me personally, the main thing here is not money but people's reaction. Because when you write post - you want to be heard and appreciated. Thanks for reading

Try different Tag, engaged in a comment like these. And just keep making good content!. Don't give up. It won't just happen overnight. Some people are lucky enough for a Whale to come by and give an upvote. Just focus on yourself. I suggest go to the introduction section and just make friends and kinda grow together. Hope that kinda help!. Good luck to you!

I completely agree with you and not going to give up) I understand that you must earn every day to achieve something. Also occurs on Steemit! Thanks for the support!

@vaansteam this blog is really great!
i was using facebook for some years and recently join steemit and i must stay that it made me addicted or i say that this is the best social website i ever use.
thanks for sharing this!
have a nice day!
steem on!!!

Yes, I think we all a bit addicted to Steemit. Maybe a little too much hahaha Have fun on here!

Excellent points! I agree that Steemit and Steem would continue growing. Blockchain tech is the future. And what we have here in steemit is an amazing application of that tech. I think this is only the crypto place that people get rewarded without being a miner or investor.

Thank very much!. I hope it will continue to grow. It was launch in 2016 and as you can see. A lot of people are doing really well on the platform. Good luck to you!

@vaansteam, I love your blog!! could you please help me share my post and question about blockchains. I haven’t received any responses and I’m genuinely curious. Thanks!

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Im really learning from you! Steemit is one of a kind. Thanks for this post.. Godbless!🙏🏻

Your welcome! Good day!

explains a lot. thank you so much, I'm new but I've heard such wonderful things about steemit

Your welcome! And welcome to Steemit, good to have you here! Hope you enjoy the platform! I'll be looking forward to your post!

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Thank you

Thank you for the article. I have been using many different platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter but none of them gave me an opportunity to communicate with the other users and expose myself to the community except Steemit. :)

Yes, I also used many platforms and I can also say the Steemit is the best by far.

I think steemit will be bigger than them in 3 years. We can present the steemit more.

Yes I think so too, it will be big!

hi! I am here because I would like to make a living by using pages like steemit afeter all its not that hard being that in my country the average person makes less than 10 dollars a month yeah! a month! and around 33% eatsout of garbage. I am pretty lucky I have a steady job, family, a good education and still studying , food in the fridge but still extra money wouldnt hurt beside the company I work in its not looking to good. I will apreciatte your held. GREAT POST by the way, keep them coming.

Yes, @lipkor Steemit is giving people the opportunity to make money. Even if u make 2 dollars that’s still pretty big to some people. I wish nothing but the best! Keep making good content. And I’m sure you will do well. Thanks again for your awesome comment!

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recently I joined the steemit and good to first not hooked, after several days and reading little by little I could understand and thanks to this post I learn more. I like it and I vote and I continue! and I allow myself to re-steem it!

You could tell me where I place the unique key you are talking about please! and thanks again.

You click on your profile picture then wallet tap and then permissions, there you see your private keys but never give out your private key.

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Okay :)



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Steemit apps generate profits while facebook needs another way to make a profit

@zallina way better than Facebook

Yes, I think that's how you are?

I love the technical side you've laid out regarding the differences, but as someone on here said to me (and I can't remember in my travels who it was!!), people post what they want you to see on facebook, and people post what they think others want to see on steemit! Hence the quality product:) Thanks again for this; Cheers!

I really like that. Post what you want others to see on Steemit. You're welcome! :)