Manna Is Now On STEEM

It took a while but Manna now is now on the STEEM blockchain.

The founders believe this blockchain is a great way to promote their idea of freedom, equality, and compassion for others.

I made no secret of my commitment to both platforms since I believe both are in the process of changing the world. We are all at a place in history where we can affect the plight of future generations. There is light coming into being in terms of lifting the scarcity system we existed under for generations.

Please show your support by clicking over to @mannacurrency and giving it a follow.

Updates will be provided as time goes by along with articles written by the founders and other members closely associated with the foundation. There will also be interviews posted with the different members.

It is going to be a great resource especially for those people who do not want to go on Facebook.

STEEM is the future and Manna sees that. It is a part of their marketing that we all can help to pay dividends.

If you found this post informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.

To receive the free basic income tokens you are entitled to and help end world wide poverty, please click the following:

Click For Manna Coins

In full disclosure this is a referral link



Just gave manna a follow. Btw, is this a staking crypto, or is it still minable with GPU/ASIC?

It is mined...not sure how it is done...that isnt my area of knowledge....

That's great to see them on this blockchain! I knew they will create an account here. It was only a matter of time!

This is dope!

Steem is the future and Manna sees that.

I love your choice of words @taskmaster4450.
Let's how far this goes.
Welcome @mannacurrency to the steem world.
I follow straight up.

Hey, that's awesome news! Welcome to STEEM @mannacurrency :) I'm a fan!

we r really happy to see mannas coming back to steem...its an exceptional post..👌👌

Thnxxx fr sharing.. 😃😃

Steem is the social network of the future, every day there are hundreds or thousands of people who join this great network!

awesime. Excited to follow along with their journey. Cool project.

Great!! I was hoping I'd see them on here soon, considering this is where I get most of my news on Manna's progress , already (haha!)

Wow. Its amazing news. I just heard this time that manna is ready to launch. may manna be accepted and used by many people

This is great man I am following them now!

Welcome @mannacurrency

Do you work with them @taskmaster4450 ?

Nothing official as of yet.

I got involved in January of last year as part of the trail. After that I met the founders and became close with one of them who is about an hour away. Over the last year, through meeting with him and the CTO at gatherings, both of whom were familiar with STEEM, I put the bug in their head about the potential of this blockchain.

One of the reasons I placed my referral link at the end of each post was to try and steer some people over to show there was an interested segment here. Now I am tasked with guiding them through Steemit which might end up falling to me since I am already familiar with the system.

Since I am a fan of the project, hopefully there is a bigger role for me down the road.

In the meantime, I post, comment, and upvote on is what we do. LOL

Thanks for your support @dedicatedguy.

It's amazing that they decided to come over! Now if after 9 days my account could get verified before the next distribution, that would be awesome lol.

Good news will start following :)

Ireally love your all opinion.and thanks for given nice post share on this platfrom

Voted, followed, resteemed. Thx for the heads up. I love what manna is trying to achieve.

Interesting post..

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Thank You! ⚜

Excited about this project as well, have been an active advocate of UBI at my local political party. Also, hoping all this facebook mess will bring more people to Steem.

Well, how about that! Following them. Thanks again for brightening my day.

That is very exciting news; I'm so glad they made this move. I am going right over there now to follow and will be keeping an eye out on their movements here as well!

Thanks for the heads-up!

@simplymike, did you see this?? :)

Thank you for the update and sharing @mannacurrency with us. I received my distribution this morning and keep posting my referral link on my Facebook before FB shoots themselves in the foot again. I also tweeted it. I just created a short post here on Steemit, showing my wallet. I really believe this could be the Manna from Heaven! 🙏


I’m visiting them now.

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