Steem Basic Income - After UBI... the downsides?

Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

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After the Flood...

We read a two-part series of articles on some limitations of basic income this week that gave us something to think about. It was published on Medium. Here is the link to the first article. It links to the second at the end of the first:

California Optimistic: When 20,000 people move to LA each year to become famous actors and only 5 of them really make it, it suggests a special kind of optimism, an outlook so extreme that it actually becomes gloomy. California Optimism is an admixture of this hope and desperation. LA weather fits the ethos: Sunshine every day, as they say, makes a desert.

It's an interesting perspective on UBI as a sort of perverse optimism. Read the articles and let us know what you think!

Delegation Bonus Shares

Existing members can receive bonus shares by delegation. For every 25 SP delegated to @steembasicincome, members will receive 1 bonus share. Currently each share receives a weekly voting weight of roughly 7.91%

These bonus shares will be counted before the bonus shares from upvoting @steembasicincome. So if you have 1 share, received 4 bonus shares from delegation of 100 SP, and then upvoted @steembasicincome regularly, you could potentially receive upvote weight equivalent to 10 shares instead of only 1!

Any Steemian that is already enrolled in @steembasicincome can delegate as much as they would like, to receive bonus shares. The approximate APR for this delegation is 27%. That's a 27% annual return to boost everybody's basic income. I don't think it gets much better than that!

Here are some Handy Delegation links:


Current Membership

We are up to 888 shares, with 421 members. There are 39 paused members, 70 inactive members, and 174 bonus shares from upvoting @steembasicincome. If you believe your share count to be incorrect, please let us know and we will happily check it again.

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Sounds intriguing... How do I sign up?

Send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the comments. You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 share in the program.


We broke down the mechanics for how the program works in the extended introduction, and we hope to provide an updated overview soon. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments section!


Hi @steembasicincome.

I just read through your extended introduction, and the bit about how your handling users that want to sponsor in more Steem.

Myself, and other members of the #EarthNation are considering investing substantial Steem into this program.

We think two little changes would drastically increase the long-term efficiency of this program.

  1. Set up your bot to post an automatic report detailing your up-votes 1-3 times a day. Use @earthnation-bot, @minnowbooster, @originalworks and any other bots that come into being that give guaranteed profit from usage.

  2. Last i read, if we just send Steem without sponsoring a new person in..... The extra "Share" opens up a slot for someone who has posted too many times to receive an upvote.

We would like to see this change. We think this benefits basic income recipients with low shares that post a lot.... it doesn't seem to benefit everyone else.

We would be willing to invest more Steem over time if instead the extra shares from members sending steem without bringing in a new member were evenly distributed to all basic income recipients with 10 shares or less.

If you implemented both of those upgrades along with making sure you get at least 1 Steem worth of up-votes every-time you "issue a share for upvoting" then this program will not only be able to take on more and more people, this program will be able to give bigger and bigger upvotes overtime to everyone, especially those with 10 shares or less.

We also recommend starting to invest more Steem into SP, rather then delegation. Delegation is a good temporary boost.... but in the long run this program will have more power if it puts at least 50% of Steem into SP.

Also keep in mind that this account will be receiving bigger and bigger curation rewards. You will soon notice a significant income from curation alone(If you haven't already :P). By constantly acquiring Steem from profitable up-vote services, upvotes from basicincome members, curation, and with the help of investors who want to put in a lot of steem (like the @earthnation) i think this program will continue growing until it truly is a viable form of basic income.

Do you have a discord? Lets talk. We could be one of your most major supporters.


On another note..... can we hire you to help us code some upgrades to our @earthnation-bot? I imagine it should be simple to modify the code you've made for @steembasicincome.

This is a good video on UBI:

Thanks for sharing!

When you see it, tell me how was it. They're one of my fav science channels on YouTube

I think I've seen another from the same people. They do good videos.

My problem with that article is that it is full of already debunked shit and it is just another "labor worshipping socialist" writing. If people are capable of just feeding them selfs, then Marxist communism would have actually come. Also guy claims that all prices just go up. That is BS everything won't fucking just go up like that. Guy is comparing it to some spesifically targeted markets. When you spesifically give some kind of target support, the actual outcome is this: Guy can pay x amount for medicine + goverment says that they will pay extra if that guy pays = persons buying power + goverments extra = price. Guy assumes that labor is productive when in reality it is just consuming (read Hannah Arendt Human Condition). All this labor worshipping has been going on for since Mussolini. To that it does not fix the actual problem with system and is still going to cost lot of taxes I agree with current system. However I have provided a better alternative in my blog post.

Oh yeah! To that claim that people want others to earn their money I answer "If your grand-father had to do labor, you had to do labor and I'm supposed to do labor, non of you got shit done, it's all the same, wich is just a proof how useless labor is.

Interesting perspective. Which points were already debunked?

Point that people may get lazy is most deeply already debunked as each and every test has proven other wice.

Prices will go up just doesn't make any sense. People get much more active, which in turn increases competition and self employment, making achieving of market dominance much harder. Problem with many of those points in that text is that it is just speculation without much of a proof it self. I'm also getting very tired of debunking some of these claims as I live in finland were all the socialists and their unions are talking all that non-sense. I have seen few good articles here on steemit about proof of work for basic-income but I don't have energy to dig them up. Sorry for this half-assed answer.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are always looking for alternate perspectives to help us improve our thinking.

Reading those medium articles - thanks for great things to ponder for the last few days!

Epic ! Love this service! upvoted and supporting.

I'd like to sponsor @luisferchav , i'll be transfering STEEM. thanks!

Awesome! We get it from the transaction history, but you're more than welcome to keep letting us know in the comments each time, too!

hahaha thanks! It's just for double checking , i'll be sponsoring quite a lot of people . So I'll like to tag them here . I'll be adding @matiasmenarguez , @ale.tripoli , @matiasfumagalli and @anakoven! I'll be sending the STEEM :)

Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

Quick question: Can I sponsor the same person multiple times or is it just one person can only sponsor another person once?
Thanks in advance.

You can sponsor the same person multiple times.

Interesting. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this - though I can't buy in until I've actually got some STEEM. No rush though, I'm sure I can wait til next week. If nothing else, anything that keeps people discussing UBI is a good thing.

Thanks for your support!

I read the article and agree in many ways. Usually, from my experience, the thinkers behind the basic income ideas are highly educated and engaged. On the other hand, I have met many who a) do not value anything given free and b) are not interested in doing anything to get themselves into a better state. Others who were either not interested or not capable to fulfill simple tasks.
I think a meaningful purpose in life is important.
Anyway, a big subject and the way you set up your program people have to engage first before they get benefits. So, a bit different from automatic delivery.

Yes, I read the two articles and the same day @revo asked about his 'inactive' status, which had just tipped back to active automatically. As I explained to him what happened, it occurred to me that technically that structure makes this closer to a basic jobs program than a basic income.

Was it not Christ who is quoted as saying "the poor we have with us always" ?

Followed by the UN mantra of giving people fishing lines so they can fish for themselves
Deciding and fulfilling who gets 'free lunches' is always the biggest problem of 'aid'.

There's also a limit to how much photography, short story writing, political rants, steemit flag vendettas and prescient cryptocurrency technical analysis Steemit users can digest.

Personally I think it's already moved into the surreal to the point of becoming a timewasting bore.

But for somebody with their ass hanging out in Aceh needing to supplement their already precarious income just to survive, Steemit is a real lifeline which must not be let fail

I sponsored @faces 2 days ago

Both of you are on the list above and should be getting your upvotes now.

kako to funkcionira?

netko te sponzorira (mene je @sostrin) za 1 STEEM i on i ja dobijemo 1 share

to znači, da za svaki post koji objaviš dobiješ upvote od @steembasicincome

1 share = 0.01 $ upvote

taj upvote se poveća kad i ti nekog sponzoriraš (koliko sam razumio) i ako upvotaš postove od @steembasicincome

U memo stavim ime osobe koju zelim sponzorirati?

I sponsored you back :D

Mislim, da ne možeš. Ja sam već unutra. Možeš samo nekog drugog.

Pitaj @steembasicincome na ovoj temi za svaki slučaj.

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