The Resilience protocol - Explanation for a newbie

in basicincome •  2 years ago

I got the idea 4 years ago from the Ripple framework and their credit lines, that transaction pathways could be used to redistribute wealth, "wealth sharing". I conceptualized those pathways as "dividend pathways" then 2 years later.

These pathways follow transaction patterns within economies, and build up what I conceptualized as "branching schemes" last year.

So based on your own transaction history in your life this far, and looking towards the future, you would have been part of "branching scheme" swarms from which you would have received basic income, and would continue to be part of ever new branching schemes which give you basic income.

The pathways decay as tax flows through them, so your safety net would be an organic one, which re-wires based on how you move about financially and geographically, allowing you to live and evolve as a mobile and global citizen.

The branching schemes are chronological, each dividend pathway is time stamped, and only convey tax from dividend pathways that happen later in time.

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got an ELI5?

If I buy 1 RES, does that guarantee me basic income or only you?