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The Creative Crypto is now registered as a Brave Creators Channel! The new browser and their native Basic Attention Token are establishing a new structure for advertisers, creators, and communities to better support one another with decentralized rewards. With this new integration, you can support The Creative Crypto by simply downloading and trying the browser with this link:

If you're a creator yourself, we highly recommend reading up on the new program here and keeping up-to-date on what will become one of the best new ways to support content.

Brave Website:
BAT Website:
Creators Program:
The Creative Crypto Referral Link:

Have an event, project, competition, special announcement, or other relevant news you would like to share with The Creative Crypto community through the Billboard? Click on the button below to submit info on your recent and upcoming activities!

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I've been using Brave for a while now (I'm using it right this second) and it really is pretty great.

I can't wait until people really start using it to tip properly... the idea of doing anyway with "advertiser friendly content" is just so incredibly appealing.

Just set it up on the desktop, and it’s really nice, I must admit. I have high hopes and high stakes in BAT too. Exciting times ahead of us.