Base Protocol’s Dashboard Community Guide

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Quick overview

With the increasing visibility and adoption of the cryptocurrency space, the industry has seen an exponential growth over the last few years. The DeFi sector alone has seen an increase from 700M $USD to 25B in just one year.

Base Protocol’s BASE tracks the Crypto Market cap, by pegging its token at a ratio o 1:1 trillion to it’s total value, allowing investors to speculate on the industry as a whole, similar to traditional fiance indexes such as the S&P500 or the Nasdaq.

The Rebase mechanic stabilizes the token’s price to it’s peg, by expanding and contracting BASE’s circulating supply according to user adoption. Holders will see their wallet’s balance change, (more tokens will be added after a positive rebase and removed after a negative one) but percentage wise, will remain the same.



At Base Protocol|Dashboard a plethora of information regarding the BASE token is available for consulting.


  • Current BASE Price: Displays the price BASE is currently being traded at.

  • Target Base Price: Shows the value of the current Market Cap at a ratio of 1:1 trillion .

  • Crypto Market Cap: Provide information about the cryptocurrency market capitalization. Data is provided with Cainlink oracle nodes.

  • Next Rebase: Informs users of the time left until the next rebase.

  • Rebase Factor: It’s the percentage of the circulating supply that will be adjusted after the rebase.

  • Circulating Supply: Displays how many BASE tokens are currently in circulation, as well as the estimated adjusted amount.


  • The Crypto Maket Cap chart exhibits the total cryptocurrency market’s history since the Base Protocol’s launch date.


  • And the Market Cap Sources shows all the trusted cryptocurrency trackers that Base acquires data from. As different sites do not list all the same coins, the total market cap oscillates with a decent degree of variance. Base protocol solves this problem by averaging the sum total of all the trackers.


Pools, Farms & Vaults

Base Protocol |Pools

Liquidity pools allow users to trade without the need of a centralized exchange. Each pool is comprised of two tokens, holding the same value in $USD. By providing liquidity, investors will earn a small percentage of all transaction that happen inside the pool.


Yield Farms provide additional rewards to users who stake their Liquidity Pool tokens on them. The reward multiplier increases after 30 and 60 days.


Lockup Vaults give investors the ability to earn a fixed annual percentage yield on their tokens, by locking them for a specific amount of time.


  • BASE vaults provide 100% APY for 3 months and 200% APY for 12 months.

  • UNI LP vaults provide 200% APY for 3 months and 300% for 12 months.


Base Token Overview

Base Protocol|Base

In this tab a users can view a number of information related to the BASE token.


  • Initial Supply shows the initial BASE circulating supply at its launch.

  • Current Supply displays the current total supply of the BASE token.

  • Total Rebase Multiplier is the sum percentage of all Rebases.


  • Base Rebase History displays information concerning all rebases that have occurred so since Base Protocol’s launch day.



Base Protocol|Oracles

Chainlink oracle nodes allow smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain to interact with external api’s. Base’s team had to build their own oracle node for tracking the crypto market cap, as there weren’t any available at the time.


  • The oracle screen shows The MarketCap/USD price feed.

  • Currently 9 Node Operators provide data to Base Protocol.


Social Media

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