Building Storage - A Basement Project

in basement •  5 months ago

I have more stuff than I really need. Most people do. But as is typical, the moment you start throwing stuff out or decluttering, the next day you find a need for that silly gadget or leftover scrap of wood.

My basement is packed with this kind of stuff. And since I'm a packrat, my need is to find space for it.

The back corner of my old house has this oddly shaped portion of wall which mirrors the bay window on the first floor above it. Nothing really fit the space well, and a stack of regular shelving units don't fit there properly without washing a lot of space.

So I figured I'd build something!

First off is to build the individual shelves. I had initially thought of making the shelves adjustable, but figured it'd be more trouble than it was worth. Still, I'm building each shelf separate from the vertical pieces so I know they're the same. If I tried to build them attached to the frame first, I was worried I'd have a hard time making it all level and matching.

Here's the bigger view with the vertical supports in back that is tied to the ceiling. I didn't want to screw into the old stone foundation since it would just split and crack, I think.

And the final view with everything complete! I added some simple 1/2" OSB board as my actual shelf material, and ended up using shelf brackets to tie the shelf into the vertical supports in back.

Now comes the fun of actually moving all my junk into these shelves! Hopefully I can be more organized going forward!

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