Red Sox on a roll!

in baseball •  3 months ago

(Courtesy of cbs sports)

I don't follow baseball as much as football but I was watching today's Red Sox come from behind victory. The game was in Braves hands but somehow the Sox were able to string six runs in the eight inning and two in the ninth to take the victory! This game reminds me of the 03-04 team that had to do several come from behind wins to reach the World Series. Just amazing.

With the win the Sox are 97-44 and 9 games ahead of the Yankees. Usually near the end of the season the Sox have a slump but hard to believe they will have one this season. Way to go Red Sox!

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Post: 9/5/1018

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Jeez, 97-44!!! They could win 110 this year. This is such a stacked year with teams at the top. I would not want to meet any one of the teams going into the playoffs in a series. This could be an interesting October.

Love Brandon Phillips one of my all time favorite players. Great to see him coming up big.