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Married wife, do not need to come to bed! Sleeping somewhere else. I wonder what I saw on TV so long that it was with me.

Then I went to sleep down with the sorrow of mind!

Sleep is not coming! It is winding on the head! What is it ???

Nah, nothing is going to happen, what can I do?

New wife married! Nabab's bed will sleep on the bed and I am down ...

No, it can not be tired!

Flynn started from the floor !! I went straight to the bed and went to sit beside the girl !!

I got up from the bottom and saw the girl sitting on the couch!

Sheila- What happened ?? ...

I do not bite !!

The girl - then why did not come to bed?

Come to me! (Bella Marka smiles)

Girl-kekkeno? (Fear)

I- I can not call you by you, I will call you!

Sheeta - Well (afraid of fear)

I-Your name? ..

Shetty - Excellent !!

AMA - Very nice name !!!

  • I have forgotten the date of fulfillment of the identity of Abdullah Bin Saeed Master, but I am not able to turn around like peace! - Married!

--- And he is married to my wife today! But the girl is telling me to sleep down!

--- Mama was saying !! She is very good but now I see it !! Very mad !!

---------- Well come on the story

I- I do not do what my husband's wife did on an elite night, I will do it with you right now!

Anaphara - means ((the fear of nose lightness is sweating)

I- I can not mean to pull!
He said to go to him slowly

  • You will not come to me (intangible)

  • Who? (I'm surprised)

-Asale you are unreliable !! Moreover !!

---- Moreover, what ?? (I)

  • I can not accept you now! (Acharya)

Say what,

Well, okay, but we got to know ... a little earlier !!! Now you can accept as a husband,

--- I can not believe I can not touch you,

  • Never come to see the rights of the husband.

  • In my memory, I want to see your loved one's bowl, shoot,

---- My mood became hot, ---

  • I started moving slowly.

-Please do not come near (Kado Kado voice)

I feel great to see the intimate of this situation, his appearance has become even more prevalent than before.

Who is going to listen to the head of my heart !!

I'm going slowly to the clergy,
And the condition of the clergy is very bad,
Almost crying out of fear (I was laughing at such a situation)

I smile in my mind,
I put a hand on the bed,

And the intricacies saw the two eyes closed and closed the eyes.

Like a gentle boy, I take a thin sheet from the bedroom and put it on the floor from the bottom pillow to the sofa and bring it to sleep. (I have a problem sleeping down!)

And at this level the elite still has eyes closed,

He thinks he still has me
Why not touching

When I open my eyes, I will be surprised to see that my stem factory.

A few days passed,

I got a lot of love from Mimi,
But she does not agree with me yet.

When I go out to friends with friends !! Every day I used to bring something for him. (Unemployment was like spending money).

But I do not have the courage to give an intimate one.

Because he did not give me that right.

I would bring things like bracelets, sarees, earrings, chocolates, etc. and keep them in the cupboard.

If you dream about the dream, the more the sari, or the three-piz!

But in front of everyone, I am very respected !!

Well how long it is to stay in a room !!
Moreover, every limb of his body is deeply attached to me !!

The incident of that day, only after having an intense bath,

She looks beautiful on wet hair
Pretty much beautiful!

After drinking water, the lips are wet today,
How do I feel in my heart,
You want to get lost in him.

I did not stay any longer, I ran to him.

Wearing hair standing in front of the mirror.
Pulled him down and bowed with the wall !!

Then threw his thumb into his lips with his thumb in his throat.

Emotional strength is going to run away.
But I am not able to be with me as men.

Where I am going to lose,
At one time, the elusive one called me with a loud voice
Cosmetics !!

---------------------- # To_Be_Continue ------------------
Breeder: Bull error will be seen in forgiveness !!
---------------- The story is completely fictional ----------------

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