Fuck, thats really shitty.
It wont help money wise but ill post a link to this on some other social media sites to maybe get the word out. Hopefully if we pass this around to enough people we could come up with some information
I wish I could do more.

UPDATE: It's 4:02 a.m. Central which means it's 5:00 p.m. in the Philippines. Gian's phone is ringing but there is no answer. It was not ringing earlier. According to everything I have researched online, there have been no deaths reported in their city. The storm is over. Can't sleep. Fingers crossed. Feeling hopeful.

UPDATE: It's 4:08 a.m. We just heard from Mia's parents. Mia's family weathered the storm in their basement so nobody is hurt. All their farm animals are dead. Their house is still standing but the typhoon ripped through the interior of the home. Everything is destroyed.

Glad to know you have talked to them and they are ok.

You are helping a great deal @skeptic. Thanks so much. We still have not heard from them.

UPDATE: It's 7:34 a.m. We just found our kids. Alexa went to the hospital but no one is hurt. It was the only place with electricity to charge her phone.

Alexa, Gian, his girlfriend, Yeza, and their newborn baby were alone at Yeza's house. They thought they were going to die. Scared and young, they used the remaining battery power of their cell phones to shine the light on their newborn baby.

Alexa's boyfriend, Rap Rap, returned to the house and transported Alexa to the hospital to charge her phone. Everyone is safe. No one is hurt. Of course we are crying...from relief and happiness.

Mia's brother lost his house. Her parents lost their farm and all their farm animals. The interior of their home was destroyed. But that's just stuff (besides the animals). We are so happy everyone is alive.

It's coincidental this time last year on almost the same day, October 23rd instead of October 20, I prepared to die with my family in the world's largest hurricane ever recorded in human history.

Hurricane Katrina was scheduled to sit over Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a few hours. It was predicted that no one would live. We only received a few drops of rain.

This was the day I first told Mia I loved her. I published that story less than one month ago on Steemit. You will find the link to that story below.

Thanks Steemit friends and fans and critics. Thanks for your continued support. Big hugs. Big love. I wished I could hug you all. Upvotes and donations are still needed. 100 percent of the rewards this post earns will be sent to the Philippines.

Couldn't be happier for you. Great news they pulled though.

Such a relief!

I'm sorry about the farm animals but everything else can be replaced or repaired. I'm so happy for you and your family. I hope everything is going well now. <3

Upvoted and resteemed. Hope you find them soon!

all support the family from Argentina force!

I hope you hear something from them soon and they are safe. I've upvoted and resteemed as you ask.

Best wishes for you and your family <3

we pray for your family barry. hope they are ok.

I'm so sorry Barry. I pray they will appear shortly unharmed.

We can't sleep. Thanks for you love.

I couldn't imagine what you're going through. May this be resolved quickly and happily. All the best for you.

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