Advice for all 20 year olds

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A FB friend recently asked what advice I would give a twenty-year old. This was my answer:

  1. Double check everything you have been taught.

  2. Be leary of any person who pulls the age card and when they do, know you already won.

  3. Indulge in the proper and safe use of all psychedelics.

  4. Allow the non-aggresssion principle to be your moral guide.

  5. Trust yourself and few others.

  6. Don't take everything so seriously.

  7. Continue loving humans and do not get bitter no matter how much or how many times lovers, family, friends, and strangers hurt you.

  8. It's ridiculous to believe you have to stay with one lover for life.

  9. Breakups usually do not mean the relationship failed, it simply ended.

  10. Take advantage of painful and torturous ego deaths by letting that shit go... i.e. reputation, social status, identity, friends, family, peers, financial status, religion, etc.

  11. Be easy and forgiving of self.

  12. And finally... NeverGetBusted.



Wise words barry. I'll keep them in mind as I'm in my twenties. I'm working very hard to make up for my mistakes but I will try to be more forgiving of myself. Thanks for the post!!

This is great advice for anyone. Number 7 is my favorite.

Awesomely deep. Thanks for the advice Barry.

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