Bargains / Freebies for 2016-07-17: USD 0.99 Name Stamp (Delivered)

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G'day. My 1st post. Just wanted share some bargains found on the net (to qualify - i am in no affiliation with any of the featured company(ies) - just a fellow steemit-er looking to share a decent deal).

All deals would be shipping inclusive or under free global shipping. Hope some would suit your needs :


Customized name stamp @ cowcow
New Price: USD 0.99 (delivered)
Usual price: USD 7.99
Discount code: 099NAME

Other USD 0.99 deals there:

Mouse Pad(
Coupon code: J2MOUSEPADOZB

Phone Case(
Coupon code: 099CASE

Mini Coin Purse(
Coupon code: 099COINP

Memo Pad(
Coupon code: 099MEMO

Coupon code: 099KEYC

Handbag Mirror(
Coupon code: 099MIRROR

Cosmetic Bag(
Coupon code: 099COSBG

Sleeping Mask(
Coupon code: 099MASK

Dog Tag(
Coupon code: 099DOG

Glasses Cloth(
Coupon code: 099CLOTHS

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