BarCodeGame #08: Guess The Last Digit From The Barcode - San Marino Tuna Flakes

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To have a HIGHER prize we are reverting back to a MAX OF 3 Entries of your choice from 0-9!!

Introducing: A Unique Mass SP Distribution Game!!

The first ever Steemit Barcode Guessing game.

Let us all make this community more amusing and enjoyable :)

Game #08 is about these San Marino Tuna Flakes and its BarCode

Make your guess and have fun!!

Game Rules:

  1. Steemers who guess the correct "LAST" number from the barcode photo wins.
    The last digit will be grayedout/hidden and will be revealed after 24hours.

  2. Winners will receive 75% of the total post payout. This includes SBD, Steem and Steem Power. SBD will be use to buy Steem in our internal market and will be converted to Steem.
    Note: Steem Payments will be distributed/divided equally to all winners.

  3. Cut-off time is when the post reaches 24hours after posting.

  4. If there are no winners, payout will be transferred or added to the next BarCodeGame.

  5. Game is so simple that it only requires "LUCK".

  6. Each Steemer can enter a Maximum of 3 possible Entries from 0-9.
    There is a bigger chance of winning here compare to PowerBall :)

  7. Steemers can change their number choices but not after the cut-off time.

  8. Participants who entered more than 3 Entries will be disqualified.

  9. No Minimum Reputation.

  10. Payouts will be sent within 24-48hours after the post payout.


Game Copyright by:

Photos were taken using zenfone2

"Comment down below with your Answers, Max of 3 Entries per participant"


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How about 0, 3 or 9. Fun game, thanks for doing it.

Upvoted followed and resteemed!

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