Neironix Is Headed for Spain and ICO Starts off

in #barcelona4 years ago (edited)

Today, on September 1, we are going to present Neironix to Spanish public in Catalan Barcelona and this day is going to be a very special one for Neironix because all the effort that we have put in it was to a large extent for the public test that begins today – the ICO of Neironix.

Our team in Spain will be busy telling the Spanish public about the ideas that brought us to this day with an ICO project of our own. This is going to be a landmark day for us and we are going to have no rest because our goal is to prove that the work we have done is up to high standards. With the beginning of our ICO our tour across Europe alongside IDACB continues. Barcelona and Spain is another country where we want to make our project known.

We expect the show to be a productive one for both the participants of the show who will promote their projects and the guests among who will be many investors and funds’ representatives. We expect to have many questions about Neironix and its competition within its sector of the ICO market.

We are ready to tell people more about what we have done in this time that preceded our ICO, for example about the beta version of our analytical platform, how we found the right people for our team and what our plans are.

We are drawing to the middle of our tour in Europe and the results are already reassuring. So we have good grounds to count upon successful results of the entire European roadshow for Neironix.


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