Essential Outdoor Cooking Tips for 2019

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Outdoor cooking is becoming increasingly popular because it offers an escape from the daily grind. Although its Barbecue season, many people are not quite sure how to Barbecue. In the end, they often end up with cremated sausages or some of the worst stake in the neighborhood. Some make the mistake of choosing cooking methods that require lots of concentration and time, which are not really what you are willing to sacrifice when dining outdoors. It takes some skill to Barbecue, but using the right cooking techniques will earn you a great badge of honor among your friends and neighbors.

Here are some of the Best Barbecue Tips for 2019.

Choose the Right Barbecue

Start with the basics; get the right barbecue. There are two main things you need if you want to make tasty food: charcoal and lid. While some people prefer to use gas stoves for outdoor cooking, charcoal provides that smoky flavor that you cannot get with gas. A lid is essential because it helps to maintain consistent temperature and locks in the flavor.


Use the Right Fuel

Many people start to look for charcoal during the barbecue season. However, it is important to prepare early; it can make a significant difference. Consider using lump wood charcoal, which looks like a burnt tree, because it offers the best flavor. In addition, the charcoal is natural and does not have any added components. If you have been barbecuing for a while, consider adding wood chips to your charcoal. The best options for cooking fish are hickory and oak. Add cherry or maple wood chips if you are cooking meats.


Patience Pays

Be patient and wait for the right moment to start cooking. When barbecuing, you need to be patient and then concentrate on your cooking, in that order. Avoid taking the meaning of flame grilling literally. Wait until the flames are white hot before you start cooking. Grey and glowing charcoal provide the most even and hottest heat for cooking.


It is essential to understand that outdoor grill is some form of caveman oven. Therefore, you need to control the heat just like an oven. A convenient way of testing the temperature is by holding your arm about five inches above the grill and seeing how long you can comfortably keep it there. If you can hold it up for about 5 seconds, then you have the right temperature for cooking. In addition, you need to control the temperature across the grill. Put about two-thirds of the coal to one side and the rest on the other side. This way, you can cook foods that require lots of heat on the hot side and foods that need less heat on the other side.

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