If there's a person who ever loved banks, since it was a child, it was me. But, why all my bank accounts are now with no funds.

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I have had banks accounts since I was around 9 years old. Now, more than 20 years ago.
I started to save money from scholarships, so for that reason I needed a bank account.

I remember all my deposits in banks were very profitable due to high interest rate for savings, however, from 2009, to have a saving account in Panama is not as atractive as before.

I can remember myself speaking to my mom (when I was a teenager), about interest rate got in a month for my savings.

It's not a secret, I think for most of us when cryptocurrencies came, this technology (specially Bitcoin), started to make a change in the entire world. Even, through this technology we've seen how DeFi have modified the way we work with exchanges, and for every person who became in a Pool Liquidity Provider, can get a very good profit based n their assets. I think, it's the best way to have interest for our assets, and more famliar with a bank saving account. Even, banks use our money to lend to people, and have profit over this lending.

It's true, I use banks accounts to make common transactions daily, due to in my country, most of the people are not familiar with cryptocurrencies yet, but I have become crazy with DeFi.

Speaking about DeFi, and what happened this week with China, I would think, it's best option to fight restrictions for centralized exchanges.

As you can see in my next picture, I have different cards from financial institutions. The gold one, was my first card more than 20 years ago.

None of these cards are active anymore, so all of them are blocked now.

Hey beautiful people, it's time for no more FUD, let's have this technology to have the best position ever in the entire world history.


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