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After the successful launch of BNKR Token, The long-awaited staking feature is now live! Before staking went live, there was a community decision to remove the deflationary aspect of this token discussed in a previous post. However, now we are primed to see large gains in not only token price, but also the number of tokens you have just by staking.


The circulating supply is already very low and the majority of BNKR Token have not even been "mind" yet. This is putting a lot of upward pressure on the token price already and now that staking is live it's only going to get better.


Here's How It Works

Acquire BNKR Token : Through "Mining" on the bankroll network games or Purchasing directly through DDEX &
TronWatch Market.

Swap those tokens with the "Swap" button at the top left (only if you have legacy tokens, you can skip this step if you are acquiring tokens now)

Enable Staking and choose how many tokens you would like to freeze

Power up : You can power up your staking levels by purchasing those levels with TRX. You will need to power up at least once but the more you do it the higher percentage you receive per day. Maximum levels give a 100% bonus (essentially doubling your rewards)

That's it, Sit back and enjoy your returns every day!


The BNKR token captures the network value of the Bankroll Network and allows everyone in the TRON community to participate passively. BNKR is scarce, it has progressive mining difficulty and limited max supply of 21M.

BNKR is mined when you claim TRX to Credits. You can mine on Air, the Daily, and Luck. How much BNKR you receive is based on the current mining difficulty.

The Genesis block distributes 10% of the tokens to the Bankroll team for development and promotion. Mining difficulty starts at 200 and increases by 100 every 1M tokens minted, max difficulty will be 2000.

Bonus Eligibility
The BNKR Bonus Airdrop is now open. It is available to current BNKR miners, and the minimum is currently: 400.000 BNKR mined. This means there is already an intrinsic value instilled in the token and now is the time to get as much of it as possible before the difficulty increases, as well as the price.

PRO TIP : The two best ways to earn BNKR is to play LUCK or DAILY. LUCK should be played to win, meaning the best results come from a higher risk Martingale strategy (or similar) as traditional "mining" on a 95% betting strategy doesn't have an optimal return with the amount of TRX you are risking. Obviously, play the way you are most comfortable with.

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