Revolut free card!

in banking •  10 months ago

I joined Revolut awhile back now and posted so on my blog here.

Since then i have actually used it quite often as it is so simpme and works perfectly. Well it is a kind of bank so should work well.

Now though they are offering new members a free card as opposed to having to pay £5 for it.

Take a look...

You've got to check out Revolut - it's saved me a fortune in hidden banking fees!

Hopefully you can save money too when using this.

Oh and last thing, they now have opened up the bitcoin side so now you can purchase bitcoin straight from your Revolut account and convert back at a really decent rate rather than paying coinbases fees. The crypto side is fairly new and it doesnt have many options but stick with it and hopefully revolut will grow it more and even offer eth or ltc eventually.

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