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There is the old saying that says “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” which was an old war song done by John Dickinson back in the early days(1768) but this is not a history lesson but a quote used mostly to inspire unity and collaboration and its from this we can relate Forty sevens bank existence. Basically what Forty seven Bank is trying to achieve is to unite two different communities that is the cryptocurrency users and followers of the traditional monetary system.

As you know by now cryptocurrencies are now a thing and People are at liberty to use either cryptos or fiat as a payment method, but frankly speaking its not as easy as it sounds because people face difficulties in sending funds to other people and companies… apart from that many face difficulties in transferring their funds among their own wallets because traditional banks are not familiar with digital currencies like bitcoin, dash, ethereum etc and In order to sell goods and services in different currencies, entrepreneurs have to face other problems such as finding crypto customers or the traditional ones. Because of this businesses do not always get access to the right target segment of their products which translates into Lost revenue as buyers won’t always be able to buy what they need with their preferred payment method.

To ease the process Forty seven Bank believes that banking products and services can be more convenient and available then we’ve gotten used to, thanks to opportunities created by PSD2(compliance and regulations) this will offer its clients the opportunity to manage their bank accounts with different banks from one master account. The benefits do not end here through Forty seven Bank it will be possible for customers to open new accounts using their biometric information with ease!

AS Forty seven Bank will be catering services for different client needs some of its customers will get access to both [inaudible] and nonfat resources and we’ll be able to transfer them to themselves as well as other people take loans and create their own businesses without any problems. Businessman will get access to a robust payment APP that will provide ready to work banking solutions between Fiat and Non-vr Projects, compliant with all regulations while providing safety conditions of all parties involved by using our technological base. Biometric authentication and smart contracts will offer the opportunity to create autonomous businesses that can work for you. Businesses will have possibility to carry out all necessary functions via flexible Api and execute assignments based on deep integration of smart contracts, bio-metrics online identifications, smart contracts, blockchain and gamification. All these technologies are to serve you and your customers even if you decide to create your own white label bank. We and our API are here for you. We connect worlds. We are building the bridge between traditional finance and the digital assets world to benefit from use of both. We are creating the banking platform of the future for all of us. 40 seven, uniting the communities.

To learn more about Fortyseven visit and join the chat on Telegram to learn more about the project. Remember to take time to read the WhitePaper and visit other channels available, for anything else in connection with the project visit the links below.
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