The Lightning Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2018-06-09

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This post contains two contracts.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 700 SBD to @kid4life. He promises to repay 787.5 SBD. He shall repay 112.50 SBD per week until 787.5 SBD is reached. The first payment shall be on 2018-06-17.

The Bank retains the Owner key of @kid4life and will return this key when the loan in completed.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 200 steem to @chronocrypto. He promises to repay 230 steem in 2 weeks time.

As collateral, the Bank shall accept the follow Steem Monster cards:

Selenia Sky x1
Lightning Dragon x3
Chromatic Dragon x5
Gold Dragon x5

These cards shall be returned when the loan is fully paid.


Taking care of business like lightning!

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I agree, cards sent.

Thank you.


@kid4life here. Thank you @neoxian:)

Yeah you are doing a lightening business :D Congratz for this great deal!


Congratulations on that contract, Neoxian you know is funny?
I read the lightning from and its logo is lightning aahaha

You are very solid and fast as lightning

It's amazing that these falling rays look so beautiful but they are also so dangerous

They have very beautiful colors

Your business is like a friend rays, you fly

The lightning bank of @neoxian

Hello, how are you? your image of that ray reminds me that in Venezuela there is a place called catatumbo rays

It is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the basin of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela

Taking care of business like lightning!
Congratulations for this good deal.

Congrats to @kid4life for having a successful contract deal.

That's a blazing deal thundering ;) congratulations

700 SBD =785.5 SBD is a nice deal..
Thanks for sharing

The lightning is looking horrible it can burn many thing if we don,t care of our business it become to an end.

The bank of neoxian business always with lightning. wish every time it will be well with lightning! Congratz to @kid4life. Best of luck.



It sure is a lightning big contract

Awwww poor Dragon cards being held as collateral :)

Hello my man w the shiny physical LiteCoins.

I dropped by again to say thanks for the votes here and there, it is honestly always appreciated, and always noticed.

Carry on whaling.

I cannot wait to see what you unleash next when #EOS ramps up.

Nite @neoxian, whose name I still wonder what it means from our chat last year.


How may I contact you about a loan?

Discord neoxian#3936

Congratulations on your contract @kid4life I hope you are satisfied with the service provided by the Bank and appreciate the great work they do both!



Best of luck friends !!!

The best bankofneoxian

Continous success of neoxian bank. We are really happy with you.

Congratulations @kid4life

Success in what they propose

Lightning bank of @neoxian will be remembered for the great bussiness on steemit.

read about your post is very interesting, whether the conditions that must be met to be able to we borrow from you .. success continues @neoxian


Wow... So great contract.. I think It's so easy to have business with you...

Wow... So great contract..
I think It's so easy to
Have business with you...

                 - rooneey

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Best bot going on here.

what's wrong with my comment?

Congratulations @kid4life on getting loan. Thanks @neoxian for providing nice opportunity. Keep it up

Hello @neoxian,

Extraordinary good Bank of Neoxian contract & incredible work of signing a new contract every day.


congratulations for having business like lightening. @neoxian

reteemed & upvoted

Congratulate @kid4life... happy

bank bank

Neoxian is great......

congratulation. great post

congratulations @kid4life hope you use it well and it will serve you well

read about your post is very interesting, whether the conditions that must be met to be able to we borrow from you .. success continues @neoxian ..

That's a nice [email protected] for sharing,,

Congrats for the new project.

Congrats @kid4life on the loan recieved
Great job boss @neoxian more strenght and grace on you...KUDOS!!

next will be thunder bank of neoxian
bdw lightning is dangerous too

It's a good deal he could get @kid4life. Make the most of it

I really like the way my friend posted this post, a very extraordinary post. and I really like the way this neoxian bank works, hopefully neoxian banks are forever

Congratulations @kid4life on getting loan.

Congratulate mu friend @kid4life

very good contract.

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Woww, great idea, upvoted resteemed and followed.

ohhh So, this is possible...

congraz this deal...have a nice day...@neoxian

Wow! Neoxian Bank has been expanding to an extraordinary deal by accepting Steem Monster cards. That's too awesome! I think I saw an lighting dragon in the GIF!

On the darkest and most discouraging nights you can imagine, where you think you are alone and abandoned, you could visualize a very bright and impacting light in the sky: that is The Lightning of the Bank of Neoxian, which is sending you the light that you must follow to get out of the darkness and reach clarity in your life and in your business.

Follow the Neoxian Lightning.

Greetings @neoxian

Wow big contract @neoxian .You all time make good contract.