The Han Solo Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2018-05-23

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The Bank of Neoxian shall loan an amount of steem equal to 1500 usd (507 steem) to @rhondak. She promises to repay 1700 usd back in four weeks time. She shall pay an amount of steem and/or SBD equal to 425 usd per week until 1700 usd is reached. The first payment shall be on May 30th, 2018.

The website shall be used to determine the price of Steem and SBD for purposes of repayment.

@rhondak shall hereafter be known as the lendee..
To insure payment of this loan, the lendee promises to hand over their Owner key(s) to the bank. The bank will give back new active and posting keys to the lendee. The lendee affirms that the owner key(s) are given voluntarily and their account(s) are not stolen. They promise not to initiate the Stolen account recovery procedure.
The lendee agrees that if the Bank decides to change the active key(s) and keep them private, this does not constitute of breach of contract.
Lendee also consents to Bank changing the trustee if the Bank so chooses.
Owner key(s) will be returned upon successful completion of loan.

(classic pic of Han Solo from Star Wars.)

Please sign below...


Because Han Solo always shoots first.

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I agree.


Congratulations @rhondak!
Bank really helpful for steemit users! thanks Great Bank of Neoxian


congrates @rhondak
you are so lucky dear..


I agree to,, 😄😄😄😄


Congratulation @rhondak

Second installment made via @thewritersblock = 115 steem + 99 sbd .

This was a business loan for the Block with my account as collateral. We appreciate the service offered.

First installment made via @thewritersblock = 65 steem + 148 sbd .

This was a business loan for the Block with my account as collateral. We appreciate the service offered.

Third installment made via @thewritersblock = 217 Steem + 37 SBD.

This was a business loan for The Block with @rhondak account as collateral. We appreciate the service offered.

Because Han Solo always shoots first.
Does he? I wasn't aware about it.
Congratulations @rhondak

Congrats @rhondak on the loan, dart fair enough:)
Thank you for your effortry @neoxian

Wow, the beauty of this platform is that you can actually become a bank yourself. Okay...learnt something new today. Bankofneoxian, thanks for this post.

Congrats for the successful loan @rhondak ..kudos to you big boss @neoxian....

Hello @neoxian,

Extraordinary good Steem Bank contract & congratulations.


That's right Han is always the first to shoot he's always in front

Han Solo is the best

Now that was a very big loan but very big

Ahh man that SW dilemma, i always thought Greedo shot first but it was Han all that time hahahaha

Wow wonderful information. @neoxian is the best bank in steemit, you guys are awesome. Haha I love that photo of han solo from Star Wars.

Han Solo did fire first in his encounter with bounty hunter Greedo. This has been confirmed by one of the first versions of the original script that has been found at a university.

Congratulation to @rhondak and high appreciation and thank to @neoxian sir, great job to help steemian around the world

@neoxian - Because Han Solo always shoots first. Congratulations Sir... A nice deal again...


Another proggresive news for the amazing #bankofneoxian. The bank a huge loan deal with this customar. Congratulation @rhondak for your contract. It's a really amazing Bank. Thanks @neoxian to create this Bank.

Another legitimate transaction in the decentralized Bank (dBank) of @neoxian! Congrats to @rhondak and more power to dBank of @neoxian.

Don't know who is Han Solo :D But you made another good contract! Congratz for that bro!



You really don't know Han Solo ?


Yeah bro, actually I don't know him :D


If he was a Bollywood hero, he wouldn't have to shoot.
He would just kill them with his dancing :p

oh sir another hero 😜😛 congrats @rhondak

Great loan The Han Solo Bank of Neoxian made with potential of 13.33% profit in four weeks.
Congratulation @rhondak!

Well, friend @neoxian ... people say that "the one who hits first, hits twice" and that is very true, if you neglect you can be run over and then recover can be difficult ... Maybe Han Solo, being Initially a lonely man, this led him to distrust everyone and put himself on the offensive; but, in the end, he realizes that he must be part of some social group and therefore, he goes to help the next one.
Already the Bank of Neoxian, is part of the Steemit community, where it provides continuous help, but where it can not be neglected because there are always some loose characters who only want to hurt.

... that is the Bank of Neoxian.


Congratulations to @rhondak.
Another great contract loan service arranged @neoxian.
Yeah Han solo shoot us first.

congratulations for @rhondak can be 1500 usd (507 steem) of contract with bank of neoxian. hopefully can pay back 1,700 dollars within four weeks. it's the greatest trust given sir @neoxian

COngratx Mam @rhondak for your loan contract. Cool action man Han Solo ^^

I appreciate the efforts and business of bank of @neoxian. And congratulations on receiving $1500 from @neoxian. I hope you use it well.

Another great arrangement of loan from Han solo of @neoxian. Congrats to @rhondak. Easy conditions and rules for profitable loans.

Oke my teacher @neoxian . I am signed for this big contract.. 1700 USD is Big Value sir..

Oh ya.. i am like Han Solo ..his shoots is perfect

Hello my witness @neoxian.

I am signed all the rules in this post..
Congrats to you all for this 1700 usd loan..

Hello my witness @neoxian.

I am signed all the rules in this post..
Congrats to you all for this 1700 usd loan..

Good nigh my witness sir @neoxian.

I am very hapy with this big loan . So i am signed ti The Han Solo Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2018-05-23

Congrats @rhondak

Oh ya sir i am favorite with han solo

Thanks for you all

Congratulations @rhondak ma'am.
Wish you a great success.
I appreciate your work.


Thanks @neoxian for sharing this post.

congratulations @rhondak hope you use it well and it will serve you well

Congratulation dear friend @rhondak. Bank of neoxian grear services are highly appreciable. We are happy with neoxian bank.

Congratulations @rhondak!
Bank really helpful for steemit users! thanks Great Bank of Neoxian

Hello dear @neoxian. You are just amazing.
Lucky to find you .

Congratulations @rhondak I think you will do well in the front days, from now on you will receive brilliant support

YES ,,, I'm ready for that....

hello @neoxian just a big fan of you and neoxian bank is just awesome..
may neoxian bank get more success <3 <3

that means if price of steem increases she will benefit from it more

how can I get loan from you?
I am interested to this..
that's a good job dear @neoxian

Congratulation @rhondak thank you @neoxian.

Sir, I love your bank very much. I adhere to all the rules of the bank. I want to improve the bank. I agree with your statement I will try to comply with the post.@neoxian

How are you good hope your bank is my very choice you are giving very important information here .so that we can devolope on our steameter and learn a lot from the bank.@neoxian

Transparency at its peak

Congratulations to @rhondak...that is alot of money....... Use it well dear

And @neoxian I pray it does not finish where it is coming from... Weldone boss

nice lone giving scheme. it will help needy peoples

awesome work by bank

@neoxian is the best bank for this platform. But i'm totally new fo @neoxian.
But now I'm going to visit gthe side.
Thanks for the information

I also agree with u @rhondak... She will promises to repay the loan.. Im fully sure she will do it & u always comes to this community with new types of banking post.. U r such a great man.
Thnxxx [email protected] neoxian.☺

That's another awesome deal..I like it,,
1500 usd !!!!!
Thanks for sharing, @neoxian

The Han Solo Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2018-05-23!!!
That's the cool review on business deal with @rhondak

I hope that's finish with no problem,,
Thanks @neoxian

awesome deal.. 1500 usd =1700 usd

Cool man!!!
I think @rhondak will do it ,,Best wishes for you..
Thanks for sharing @neoxian

Looks like a fair deal. Look no further than the bank of Neoxian.

Congratulations to @rhondak, you have become a bankofneoxian customer and hopefully you can finish the promise smoothly

Hopefully, all will be well. No one breaks your trust. All the best sir

Excellent post!

Bankofneoxian every day must have its customers, it's a sign bankofneoxian has much improvement.

Congratulations to @rhondak, hopefully you can become the best bankofneoxian customer

Congratulations @rhondak hope you enjoy your loan!
Bank really helpful for steemit users! thanks Great Bank of @neoxian

wow boss Congratulation.Hopefully bank help steemit.

Starwars han solo ,epic character as neoxian ,action with steem ;)
Congrats @rhondak

Hi my witnes @neoxian. I am very agree with this contract that
The Bank of Neoxian shall loan an amount of steem equal to 1500 usd (507 steem) to @rhondak.

This is very big contract for us sir..

Oh ya sir i agree and signed all of this contract rules..

Thanks you sir

Hello our witness @neoxian. Good night for you.

Oh ya sir i am agree with your reason for han solo Because Han Solo always shoots first.

I am interested with his movie sir may later we can watching together..hehe.

Thank you sir. I am signed all

@bankofneoxian giving better support to to the steemians. This is another supporting service. Congrats to loan signer.
Every time @neoxian being top of the level. Go ahead and wish ou the best.

I Agree
Neoxian amazing. Good job @neoxian. Best regard sir.

she will be keeping a close eye on coin marketcap

An excellent shot of @neoxian
Success is always for you.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I agree...
Neoxian is the best. I Love neoxian.

Best regards.

Wow! I really love this initiation. It gives individual the privilege to be empowered

.a very good post, hopefully bankneoxian will get a tremendous sesan extraordinaire, thank you

Congrats @rhondak always love and appreciate about the @neoxianBank. Because they provide the best helpful loan and services.

back again on my @bankofneoxian best of the best bank,,,, @neoxian is the best
Congratulations @rhondak the sum of 1500 STEEM
I love you my witnes me @neoxian you is the best
hopefully one day I have a chance

I agreee....!!

Han Solo always shoots first.

Its a big deal 1500 usd! Congratz to @rhondak.
Best of luck.

Congrats @rhondak for successful contract deal with @neoxian

Congratulation @rhondak, I hope the Bank of Neoxian always success and will help steem friend's who needed.

The keywords are
Because Han Solo always shoots first

507 steem is huge ... hope you will make it more than enough for yourself @rhondak ....

A great successful loan feels like a buying a spaceship and flies into outer space just like Star Wars.

back happy news and congratulations to @rondhak
over the trust of the Bank of Neoxian on loan hopefully can be used properly.
love book is my favorite @neoxian

congratulations to our friend @rhondak who has got a steem loan from @neoxian bank. hopefully the loan can benefit you @rhondak.
bank @neoxian is an aspirative, accommodative, and implementative Bank. hopefully more glorious

That's awesome wow some deal of the day congrats the the bank :D


Good post mr. @neoxian.
I will reblog your post..

Congratulations @rhondak hope you enjoy your loan!

Well it sure is a nice deal if the price decrease for Steem for the bank ;)

Good post

Use them in a good way then the outcome will be beneficial for you

Very good friend information totally according to your publication, congratulations!

Transferred 313 SBD to settle the balance. THANK YOU, Neoxian! :-)