The Felicitous Bank of Neoxian: daily contracts: 2018-05-21

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This post contains two contracts.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 425 SBD to @shabbirahmad. He promises to repay 460 SBD in four weeks time.

He shall pay using this schedule, 115 SBD each time:

1st payment 30-may-18
2nd payment 6-jun-18
3rd payment 14-jun-18
4th payment 22-jun-18

The Bank retains the Owner key of @shabbirahmad and shall return it when this loan is complete.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 150 SBD to @rehan12. They shall repay 160 SBD in eight weeks time. They shall pay 20 SBD per week until 160 SBD is reached. The first payment shall be on 2018-05-29.

@rehan12 shall hereafter be known as the lendee…
To insure payment of this loan, the lendee promises to hand over their Owner key(s) to the bank. The bank will give back new active and posting keys to the lendee. The lendee affirms that the owner key(s) are given voluntarily and their account(s) are not stolen. They promise not to initiate the Stolen account recovery procedure.
The lendee agrees that if the Bank decides to change the active key(s) and keep them private, this does not constitute of breach of contract.
Lendee also consents to Bank changing the trustee if the Bank so chooses.
Owner key(s) will be returned upon successful completion of loan.

(pic of One Piece from

Sorry I don't have a good picture for "Felicitous" so here are some One Piece pirates instead.

Please sign below...



Above image is my signature.I am shabbirahmad and agree this. Thank you so much @neoxian. I am really your great fan.

witness by @ekavieka.

all the best with your loan contract

All the best @sabbirahmad
*****THANK YOU*****
@neoxian to give him the loan.

Understood and signed by me @rehan12

One Piece pirate, that's my favorite movie. Every episode I always follow. Thanks for everything the Dragon @neoxian.

Selamat. semoga @bankneoxian maju

Congrats@shabbirahmad for the successful loan... Kudos @neoxian

Congratulations @shabbirahmad!💪
Cool picture, Neoxian.👌
Bank of Neoxian is the best and most trusted bank.👍

wow another interesting name of @neoxian bank ,,,,The Felicitous Bank of Neoxian,,,,really its be a marvelous bank deal of loan..congratulation dear @shabbirahmad ,,also @neoxian sir

Hello neoxian a new loan with exact dates to cancel it great

Blackbeard One of the most feared pirates in the history of not fulfilling the payments he will look for you


Congratulation @shabbirahmad.. and Sir @neoxian.. i always support you. You know? I hope you be succesful..

Good Hearth we dragon.. 👍👍👍

Congratulations @shabbirahmad!
Bank really helpful for steemit users! thanks Great Bank of Neoxian

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