The Bank of Neoxian is backed by precious metals

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Hello all, the Bank of Neoxian is a Steem bank that is fully backed with precious metals.

(pic from

From the streets of ancient Rome...

("Bladerunner" by jameschg of Deviant Art)

to the streets of Neo-Xian.

The Bank is a blend of old and new, precious metals in one hand, and cryptos in the other.

A good deal never goes out of style.

Business is doing well. Delegation rental continues to be an excellent source of income. The APR remains at 5%

What do you think? Should I raise it to 6%?

Here is a report of my clients:

DepositorAmountcurrencyMonthly InterestNew Acount


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That Bladerunner picture is beautiful, great find. I love scifi art!

You bought steem coins!!

Precious metal you have many of them wow such a delight to see :)

haha backed up now that's gonna be rocking looks amazing :D

My investment is growing slowly

the bank has got it covered both in hands its fantastic :)

this is the coolest thing the bank have in stock :)

the precious bank on the steemit :)
its looking so elegant

Really reassuring to have solvency
Look at those absolutely beautiful steem silver coins. I'm glad that the bank is still up and running @neoxian! :)

Great idea! I have one of those SteemCoins... I couldn't resist. Waiting on a 5oz SteemBar!

I would like to Bank with the Bank of Neoxian.
My pleasure.

Your Nigerian Steemian😃

Good jop friend..
Upvote and resteem

Your post is very useful and beautiful.....nice information about steemit.....i appreciated it....

Valuable post....Thanks for another important information about bank of Neoxian......

astonishing & impressed!

Thanks for the informative post sir...👍

great inform.....great news...
keep it up>>>