What to do if you lose the bank card?

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Shamea Ara was able to trace the discomfort of traveling around the market with a bog bag. Something has happened, but the sixth sense indicates that he could not catch. Shortly thereafter, the incident happened. When buying a pair of shoes, it was worth noting that the money bag is in the jolars. At no point did the thief out of the hollow, did not get it.

First of all, Shaymaar is bad in the mood, then Shayma Although there was no money in the bag, there were several bank cards (credit card, debit card). It's all gone. A little soon after the anxiety stirred the mind. He thought, if the thief with a credit card makes a purchase. What to do now?

Instead of paying cash, plastic, that is, credit or debit card has become one of the most essential things of the people. If you lose it by stolen or hijacked on the road, you have less chance of losing money. But of course, it is necessary to know what to do when it is lost.

First of all, if you lose credit or debit card, you have to stop using the card as soon as possible. There is no phone number or customer service number available for all emergency banks for 24 hours. After losing the card, phone the phone to stop all the transaction of the card. The bank authorities will close the card after ensuring all the information of the customer.

Talking with some bank officials about this, it is known that the first thing to do after the loss of the card will be to stop card transactions. If someone withdraws money using the card, if the transaction is not closed, then it will be liable to the customer. The bank authorities will not take it. After losing the card, the customer will have to contact the bank branch to get a new card. Online or section must be sent to the request itself. The branch will issue a new card called Principal Bank.

Many times the credit or debit card is hacked. To ensure that the most important thing is to keep an eye on bank deposits and costs. If you have seen the bank as a bank, your money has been transmitted, then it is understandable that the hidden information of the card is unsuitable. You have to contact the bank and credit card from where it was taken, with the financial institution.

Typically, credit card companies and banks have their own security system to prevent fraudulent transactions. If you understand something like this then the customer is informed immediately. However, it is a good idea to contact the organizations themselves without waiting for any news from those organizations. With the help of the authorities, the pin number will be changed as soon as the card is hacked.

In addition to using debit card or credit card, the customer has to be aware of the card and password. Without the need, these cards are not always good to carry. In addition, bank officials advised to take care of certain issues. Those are:

  1. The mobile phone that is using, it can not be collected anywhere in the card number or password.

  2. The secret passwords of the card kept in the handbag or pocket can not be stored.

  3. Many people write passwords on the envelope, business cards, or even shopping slips from the market. It is better not to write this way. Because, they are easily noticed by others.

  4. It is a good idea to write these information in the bank account number of a notebook, the date of the bank card, the phone number of the emergency information service center, the bank account opened from any branch.


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