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Early life
Sheikh Hasina Wazed daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman His mother's name was Begum Fazilatunnessa. [1] He was born in Tungipara and took childhood education there. Since 1954, he started living with the family in Dhaka, in the residence of Rajnebos Lennon of Moglatuli. Later on the Minto Road Government House took place. In 1956, he was admitted to the School of Girl Child Education at Tikatuli. On 1 October 1961, Dhanmondi started the house at number 32. On 15 August 1975, he and his sister Sheikh Rehana were killed in a military coup and all the members of the family were killed. Both of them were staying in West Germany for study at that time. In 1965, he passed matriculation examination from Azimpur Girls' High School.

Sheikh Hasina completed her graduation from Dhaka University in 1973. He was married to MA Wazed Mia in 1967, and Wazed Miah died on 9 May 2009. [2] He has two children named Sajib Wazed Joy (son) and Saima Wazed Putul (daughter).

In 1981 Awami League unanimously elected Sheikh Hasina as the party's president in her absence. In 1982 General Ershad declared his ascendancy to power, but his party participated in the elections under the military ruler in 1986. Later, he and his party formed anti-Ershad anti-corruption movement and in 1990, through the common political movement, Ershad government was forced to resign from power.

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In 1991 under his leadership, the Awami League emerged as the largest opposition party of Bangladesh. In 1996, he presented the framework of the caretaker government which is currently being used in many countries. [Citation needed] In his campaign against the caretaker government, his party won the national election and in 1996-1993, he served as the Prime Minister. In the 2001 election Bangladesh Awami League lost by a great margin. Later in 2006, the movement started again in some new problems.

Sheikh Hasina led the Awami League, the oldest political party in Bangladesh in the 1991 anti-corruption movement. In 1996, his party Awami League forced the leftist parties to demand the caretaker government, through various political programs, to make the caretaker government institutionalized by the BNP government of Khaleda Zia. When Awami League won the general elections that year, she became prime minister.

The Awami League was defeated in the October 1, 2001 election by the BNP, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Jatiya Party (Naziur Rahman Manju) and the Islamic Alliance's electoral alliance. Sheikh Hasina is responsible for the defeat of the party, her nominated president, Shahabuddin Ahmed, former chief justice and caretaker government Chief Justice Latifur Rahman and chief election commissioner MA Saeed. [Citation needed]

In the grenade attack during a speech in a public meeting in Dhaka on August 21, 2004, the leader survived for a short while. 19 people, including his bodyguard and Awami League leader Ivy Rahman, died and hundreds were injured. In the report of the Judicial Investigation Commission, this attack was referred to as a foreign conspiracy. The four-party alliance administration created some farce along with the drama 'Judge Mia' in order to investigate the grenade attack. Later, the Prime Minister's son Tarique Rahman, State Minister for Home Affairs Lutfozzaman Babar, BNP's top local leader Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu, Jamaat-e-Islami leader Ali Ahsan Mujahid, who was sentenced to death for war crimes, and Pakistan-based militant outfit Harkat-ul-Jihad (now presently), came out after a thorough investigation of the local and foreign intelligence agencies. Mufti Hannan, leader of Bangladesh's extinct) and some of the influential people of the time.

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Sheikh Hasina was arrested for the first time in a long political career in 2007. During the caretaker government government, on July 16, 2007, the joint forces arrested Sheikh Hasina from her residence "Sudha Sadan" on July 16, 2007. He was handed over to the court. The court did not approve her bail application there. The Prime Minister has declared the residence of deputy speaker of Bangladesh Parliament as sub-jail and kept in jail. Prior to the arrest, Sheikh Hasina, Zillur Rahman, senior leader of Awami League, was made the acting president of the party. A case was filed against Sheikh Hasina on two charges. One is the murder case for political clashes in Paltan on October 28, 2006 and the other is an extortion case of about three crore taka. [3] One of the plaintiffs took up the case in December 2008. After being released from jail, he stayed for a few months abroad for treatment. Then the team returned to the country to prepare for the election.

Election 2008
In the ninth parliament election of 2008, the grand alliance led by Sheikh Hasina won nearly three-fourths of the seats. As the leader of the victorious party's parliamentary party, he took oath as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on January 6, 2009. His party Awami League got 260 seats in this election. On the other hand, the main opposition BNP gets only 32 seats. [4]

Election 2014
In the previous elections, the seventh, eighth and ninth general elections were held under the non-party caretaker government. But before the 9th parliamentary elections, the caretaker government headed by Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmad

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