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RE: Blockchain Update 2: HF20 Progress & Bandwidth Changes

in #bandwidth5 years ago

I suggest bundling witness vote decay or expiry in the next HF.

The competition for the top 20 ranks is almost completely stalled.


There's no competition. Decay had been discussed for HF16, but I believe it has security risks involved. Either way, it needs some solution, witnesses are doing nothing for Steem right now.

I would also recommend cutting the witness voting to 5 witnesses. There's no reason to vote for 30 witnesses; it'll force people to think and vote for the very best witnesses.

Cutting to 5-10 votes would also limit collusion/friend possibilities to lock up the top 20-30 positions.

I agree with you almost completely about the witnesses.

Will the change in rewards be retroactive?
If I just got 2 big votes immediately after posting comments, and HF20 will be enacted in less than 7 days, will it mean that the votes that I got will be returned to the reward pool?

What is the 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes and what is a reverse auction?

I'd like to see a similar concept implemented into reputation scores to actually make reputation an actual viable concept

I very strongly agree. IRL there is nothing more important than rep, and the gamability of rep on Steemit poorly reflects it's value to society. We see the mechanisms for gaming rep IRL as corruption, and the consequences of gamification of reputation can be existential, both to folks that suffer according it to those that gain it absent merit, and those that are found to abuse it.

Reputation is far more valuable to society than it's current implementation on Steemit recognizes, and potentiating a useful reputation mechanism will increase the utility of Steemit to society.

I second this

Throwing in my "me too" here. This is one of the most important things that can be done for Steem right now, in my opinion.

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