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RE: Blockchain Update 2: HF20 Progress & Bandwidth Changes

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Last week we started the roll out of Steemhost shows the blog list of individuals (or groups) but redirects people to steemit or busy to view (and vote) the specific post.

In addition to being able to include the content of specific people on the site, it also adds the element of banner ads advertising. What is important about this is that the advertisements are purchased with steem which should cause upward pressure on its price.
Part of what will motivate steemians to administer their own pages and steem visitors to view those sites are that they are rewarded in steem power delegation.

To view an example of a page where two bloggers are on the same page is

I set both @steemitblog and @ned to act as contributors to this page.

If you are a visitor, you need to log in with steemconnect to be rewarded.


"Error when processing request!" awesome :D

Could you confirm which browser you are using? Were you attempting the login (it uses steemconnect to only identify who you were. Thanks for the error checking.

i'm using firefox with some security addons i didn't even try to do some thing just clicking the url you provided.

i do use add blockers and cookie blockers and the Noscript add on but still 99% of the website can handle that these days

I think I see what the problem is. When you are logged into the public pages they add some additional feature (allowing you to bookmark pages, add additional hosts etc). It also allows you to be rewarded on your click and views. Normally if you are not logged in, it passes all the rewards to the host of the page. While there is no problem with Chrome, the best that I can do is pass the message on to the programmer. We do have a couple of cookies ... mainly associated with remembering who you are. We have some tracking functions ... in order to record what who has visited which pages and when, to prevent people from tapping the F5 key.

There should be a banner ad just above the search button. Possibly your ad blocker doesn't like something if that section is missing.

We have identified that Microsoft Edge doesn't always cooperate but that is on the steemconnect pages ... so it is out of our hands. I have sent this on to tech support so in a day or so, I will post something when it is resolved.

the add blocker i use is : ublock origin ,
the tracker blocker is : Privacy badger and / or ghostery .
it's firefox 60.02 (64bits) that i used for the link

It might be fixed now. One programmer had applied ssl to the site while another hadn't updated webconfig. Firefox is a little more sensitive. Meanwhile Microsoft Edge is just annoying.

i never use edge , it's bad enough that i need windows to play my games .

and that error is gone now :)

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