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RE: Blockchain Update 2: HF20 Progress & Bandwidth Changes

First of all, do you realize that if you explain HF20 to 1,000 randomly chosen people in a crowded shopping street, you will have 99% chance that all of these 1,000 people don't understand 1 word of what you have written. Does anyone realize that?

And how many people on Steemit do actually understand this?

And second, what happened to the curation adjustment? I thought HF20 would contain a change for how curation works?


That was explained on a previous post, this is just an update to the bandwidth usage and i don't think your argument of explaining it to 1000 people is valid, try to explain to people how electricity works to 1000 random people and no one will understand you, this is advanced stuff, the curation stuff you are looking for was posted awhile ago.

To put my story a bit better in perspective, I think many people believed that the banking crises became reality because those bankers were selling very complex products. And most bankers didn't even understand how those complex products worked. So it looks like the same thing is happening again, but this time with crypto.

Besides that I see many other things happening in crypto, that we also saw with bankers. The most clear ones are greed and scams.

About electricity, you have a fair point here. Nevertheless it is not an investment. It works as simple as: what you use is what you pay for. You can check every day what you have used.

If I would delegate to Steemhunt, I would be really clueless about what I'm doing. That goes for the majority of people. I see many crypto enthousiastics that say this will become mainstream one day. But if anyone learned something from the banking crises, it better won't become mainstream.

I hope this clarifies things a bit?

There are numerous other changes in HF20. This post is only discussing bandwidth.

Do you happen to know when HF19 took place? And when HF20 was first time announced?

I think HF20 was announced about 5 years ago, but I could be off by a few months ;)

That's usually what happens when the dead keep talking 😜

You hear them too?

Well, in any case, Elvis Presley says "hi".

HF20 was proposed June 22 of last year:

HF19 activated around that time I believe, but that is from memory so I could be off by a bit.


Your brains seem to work very smooth!

This long ago announced HF20 confirms for me that this go way to slowly. This is not the flexibility this platform needs to have for the long term.

To bad I didn't read anything about curation rewards update. I really thought I remember that multiple Steemonians wrote the 30 minute rule will become a 15 minute rule.

I believe the (still) planned change to curation was added after the original announcement.

I would expect when there is a release candidate, there will be a new post describing all the changes.

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