bananaprogram Week 7

The story of Ridiculous Robbery
The following story should be real.

This person entered the shop with gunfire and demanded all the money from the cash drawer. After the cashier puts cash in the bag, the robber sees a bottle of scotch behind the counter on the shelf. He told the cashier to put it in the bag too, but the cashier refused and said, "I don't believe you are more than 21."

The robber said yes, but the officer still refused to give scotch to him because he didn't trust him. At this point the robber takes the SIM out of his wallet and gives it to the officer.

The clerk saw him over, and agreed that the person was actually more than 21 and he put the scotch in a bag. The robber then ran from the shop with the loot.

The cashier immediately called the police and gave the robber's name and address on the SIM. They caught robbers two hours later.

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