My Entry to Bananaprogram Week-5

in bananaprogram •  3 months ago

Suddenly the prices of Banana soaring high all over the place. As per internal sources, the demand by craziest #bananaprogram follower make the prices soaring to sky. Thank to @stellabelle for making a HOT selling project on Steemit.

So running succesfully for 4 weeks, the crazy project of @stellabelle entered into 5 week. Again the Tasks lined up for this week.

Task 1: Already a proud user of Partiko app

Task 2: Welcoming 11 new member

Task 3: Unable to upload any Media file in @partiko Android . Here is The GIF link from The best site for creating all GIF

All 3 tasks completed for Week-5.


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

So running succesfully for 4 weeks, the crazy project of @stellabelle entered into 5 week.
It should be successfully instead of succesfully.


Yoy are every where ....thanks for the minute correction...

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Hahahahaha lololololololol You’ve officially created the necessary hysterics in me which materializes into you be branded with a Make Crazy GIF!!!

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Haha...just tried to be creative ....😉

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Here’s your Gif link so it displays in Partiko:

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Awwww i got the wrong corrected the post with corrent link.....thanks 👍

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Kinda of fun making it..👌

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Lage raho ...

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Funny and creative @steemflow

Greetings from Indonesian 🙂


Thanks dear @santiintan

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roflmao! <333 that is hilarious @steemflow :)