Banana Program Week 4 : My Entry, A Video Eating Banana Fruit With Soy Sauce, Peanut Sauce and Chili Sauce

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Good night friend Steemian and Partiko lovers. Tonight again I tried to follow the challenge of @stellabelle in the Banana Program week 4 contest which is to make videos eating bananas with unusual toppings. If Steemian's friend and Partiko lovers want to know about Banana posts, Week 4 program can be read here.

Regulations that must be followed in following Banana Program week 4 :

  • Step 1 :

Make a posting through the Partiko app.

  • Step 2 :

Write comments to 10 new Steemian people. Below are the names of 10 new Steemian people I have visited and I write comments through the Partiko application :

Welcome to Steemit my friends 😊

Step 3 :

Make one video eating bananas in addition to unique toppings that are not commonly eaten with bananas. I tried eating banana with sweet soy sauce topping, peanut sauce for satay seasoning and chili sauce. It feels mixed, sweet, salty, sour, spicy and tasty one. 😋🤣🤣

Here's a video I made eating bananas with soy sauce, peanut sauce and chili sauce :

I feel weird and laugh myself at the results of the video I made. It turned out that Banana Program Week 4 from @stellabelle really made my life more cheerful and could eliminate boredom in my activities in Steemit.

Thank you @stellabelle, thank you @partiko, thank you friends Steemian and Partiko lovers. Good night and welcome to watching my video.

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Hahahahaha good one! Congratulations on completing your week 4 of banana program!

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Dah mantab yah pisang rasa saos ....selamet dah...


Wah duh si pitung dah ngerasain belum tuh santi ada pisang rasa saos..



Pasti blm nyobain 🍌😁

Hehehehe , pisang nya rasanya seperti apa tuh 😊


Silahkan dicoba makan 🍌 pakai saus sambal, kecap dan saus kacang papah @syarrf pasti rasanya ... 😂😂

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