Banana War Crime?

in bananaprogram •  5 months ago

After a short absence from Steemit, one of the first things that caught my attention was @stellebelle's bananaprogram. Actually I heard it referred to as "banana wars". I wasn't in the mood for a battle, so I just watched the banana carnage from the sideline. It occurred to me, many bananas were paying the price. After intense investigation I finally found this mass grave.
original photo by @roundhere

How many more innocent bananas will be sacrificed for mere sport?

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Sort Order: have ignited the war again...😉 it was in peace for a while now

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This photo was of a particularly horrific banana mass grave...
Someone has to stand up for the bananas...

hhaha! I get this one! very good sir..I heard about the banana war but didn't know what it was about but apparently it was devastating to thousands of bananas sadly. lol.

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