Once Upon a Time in Bali

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Once I had a chance to visit one of the most incredible places on our beautiful Planet Earth. It is, undoubtedly, The Bali Island in Indonesia.


It is worth telling that I got there by chance...


One fine day my phone suddenly rang at 7 a.m…
Half asleep I answered the phone call and heard the familiar voice of my close friend, who flew on vacation to Bali a couple of days ago:

  • Bro! It’s me! Listen carefully! A friend of mine, who was here in Bali with me and my family, had to return urgently due to his business! We are now alone in this huge villa with stunning views, which is already paid! This week’s last flight to Kuala Lumpur is tonight and air tickets will be brought directly to your home in an hour in case if you agree!


Initially I was refusing his offer, mentioning that it is unbelievable and impossible, that I have many things to do and, finally, absolutely not ready for such a long journey (Distance from Tashkent to Bali 12 000 km). But my friend did not give up, so he told me about the charms of the island in all colors and sent very beautiful and tempting photos….))))


Eventually, when I finally woke up, I understood that it is unthinkable to miss such chance and exactly 12 hours later my wife and I were sitting in the business class of the airplane.


Another day later we were lying at the chic pool overlooking at the breathtaking ocean and sincerely thanking the universe for such miracles!)))


I really enjoy revising these photos, plunging into those fantastic emotions, when I wanted time to stop.


Our three-storey villa ‘Karma Kandara’ was located on the edge of a high cliff and the view of the beach and the ocean was truly stunning. Coral reefs, encircling the coastline, as if on the Creator’s plan, protected the shore from high waves, creating additional beauty and crystal clear area for swimming and enjoying the views…


Probably the best way to tell about Bali is to attach these photographs, which were, by the way, taken on an ordinary smartphone…







I just want to add that one of the pleasant surprises was the availability of prices in restaurants. For instance, having spent a lovely evening at Teppanyaki in a Japanese restaurant in the company of 10 friends, we paid about $100 (incl. alcoholic beverages)


We also remember visiting a coffee plantation where coffee is grown in a very unusual way…


A complete process of making the ‘Luwak’ coffee, the cost of a hundred gram pack of which often exceeds $100, can be described very briefly: coffee grows, ripens, then an unusual animal Luwak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) eats it, its digestive tract performs all its usual functions and after drying and roasting the results of its activity, everyone can enjoy a cup of premium coffee.!



I myself am not a coffee lover, but we, of course, bought several packages foe our coffee-addict friends...


i love these photos are very nice with blue sky and happy peoples. But the last pic is very cute ! I want to go Bali some day !

Thank you for the kind words, I wish you to visit there ))

Great views and place

wow nice thank you follow you blog and vote

bali is very suitable to be a tourist destination, in addition to beautiful nature, customs and cultures are very unique, and still retain what is inherited by their ancestors, whereas if the coffee is eaten by civets known as kopi luak almost every region produces coffee in Indonesia has its own characteristics

wow so beautiful article with amazing beautiful photography

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. Kiesza

Thank you. Of course, if you do not love yourself first, then you will not be able to love someone else...

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Interesting story and nice photos.. Which camera do you use? Bali is in bucket list since long.. hope i will make it soon :)

Thank you, I took these photos on my phone samsung s6 edge+, I wish the speedy fulfillment of your desire to visit there...

So sexy girl enjoy dude haha keep it up

wow enjoy urself can u invite me

Wow cool :) what a great experience, and a last minute choice! I’m going to Bali in July and I can’t wait even more now

I wish you a wonderful journey ))

Yeah we've got to release some stress after hard days of work...Wish I was there to enjoy with you @atush

Wow!! I enlisted Bali in the top of my travel list after seeing the pictures and reading your experience.

Thank you, this is really a wonderful place ...))

Wow that looks amazing ! People there are so nice... Enjoy the sun !! and goo to Ubud in the monkey forest if you can it is just amazing !

Thank you, the next time we'll definitely take a bike and drive around the island ))

I love bali. Bali is my village

Thank for visit Indonesia. I hope you also visit other island in Indonesia. I'm coffee farmer but I'm not in Bali. I'm in Dataran Tinggi Gayo Sumatera Island Indonesia.

Bali is really really nice. But i don't like Luwak coffee at all :(

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Beautiful people, beautiful place! You surely had a great time. We are all happy to hear about it! 👌

Thank you for the kind words ))

woahh great travel in bali indonesia hehe

Thanks for sharing

you're welcome

this place are so beautiful.

Welcome to Indonesia @atush, but I suggest you to visit Aceh province because it has milions beautiful destinations. I already upvoted you

This is a dream of mine, to go to somewhere as gorgeous as this with the ocean and pools. Glad you made the trip, looks like it was worth it!

Nice post!

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wow indonesia

Great photos! I would love to visit Bali. Not sure I could cope with the coffee, and I love coffee. 😂

Thank you, it seems to me that there is a variant of coffee for every taste ... Even I liked some))

Welcome in indonesia. I hope you will happy. If you have more time, please come on to sabang island, aceh, indonesia.

Omg this is like a dream come true! The view of your stay is SO STUNNING! Makes me wanna hop into the next flight to Bali like now...

Thank's. This is probably the most amazing adventure in my life ... though ... once I miraculously appeared on Santorini ... but this is a separate story))

Miraculously appeared yeah? Are you a time traveler? Hahaha!!!
Did you write about it yet? I'd love to read about it.

Ha ha ha ... I'll write soon))

Good chance visited most beautiful island in the world, greeting from Aceh sumatra Indonesia.

Sedep bener baliiiiii :D yuhuuuu

With these photos its obviously you enjoy the trip

Good post Terus berkarya!

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gallery Wanita indonesia dan bikin kita bangga akan cantik nya wanita indonesia!
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nice picture.

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