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The United States proposes to impose new $ 100 billion in Chinese products. In response to this, China said that they would start counter-fight at any cost. As a result, the fight between the two countries on the trade has become even more intense. But the important thing is that the United States imposes the highest duty on clothes and shoes in countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. It does not matter that the United States specifically imposes more taxes on the products of these countries. Since the United States imposes more taxes on these products, so the countries that export more of these products have to pay more. As such, Bangladesh has the highest duty.

The Pew Research Center analyzed data from US International Trade Commission and showed that Bangladesh exported $ 570 million worth of goods in the United States last year. Of these, 95 percent were clothing, footwear, headgear and related products. Bangladeshi businessmen have to pay duty on almost all of the Bangladeshi products imported by the United States. Pew Research has calculated that, in the United States, the country has to pay 15 percent 2 percent of the country's exports of $ 570 million, which is the highest among 232 countries.

Almost other countries in Qatar have to pay this amount of tax. Cambodia is entitled to 14.1 percent of the export price. On the other hand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vietnam pay a total of 11.98 decimal and 7.2 percent of the total export figure respectively. And the country imposes a fine of 1.4 percent on the value of the amount imported from the whole world.

However, the United States imposes a relatively low tariff on other important business partners than China. For example, Mexico and Canada can say, this country is the second and third largest import source in the United States. However, the two countries have to pay zero-zero and zero-zero-zero-eight percent tariffs respectively on the export price last year. On the other hand, Japan and Germany are less than 2 percent of the export price. South Korea has a free trade agreement with the United States. The country has exported $ 7,550 million worth of goods in the United States, he has to pay only 0.25 percent duty.

The matter is that, if the United States imports commodities from any country, how much tax will be imposed on it depends on two issues. Firstly, the amount of taxable goods and secondly, on the tax that the United States imposes on him.

Generally, the tariff rate in the United States is less than two decades ago. It is now happening due to the increase in the number of items in the tariff discount list. In 1996, the United States imposed an average 7.5 percent tax on 75.5 percent of the imported goods from China. Last year, the amount of customs goods was 42.3 percent. And the tariff rate stands at 6.5 percent. In terms of the average duty rate of customs goods (not total exports), some countries including Bahrain, Haiti, Barbados have topped the list of the highest taxpayers in the country. The main reason for this is that in the United States, they have to pay a comparatively higher duty on small parts of their total exports.