I am back home, thanks to infovore

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Hello dear steemians, I am Gprince and I joined Steemit in the year 2017, it was all fun as I joined during the time of bullrun, my post were doing fine until suddenly, the bear crept in and low pay out ruin everything, I tried my best to stay but i wasn't inspired in any way..

I am a member of many Steemit whatsapp group, #genesisproject, #steembees, #Africa unchained and I saw the link of these post in a group chat and I decided to share my experience as well..

I have been mainly pre occupied with school affair and also partake in some airdrop since the bear didn't make my steemit journey any fun.

Now I am back on the platform and never gonna abandon my account again.. I am back home!

Shout out to my friends on the platform

@amec @burlarj @rosyblessing @samminator @ewuoso @dayjee


Welcome back bro

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