Back to steemit- the naughty bear and lessons learnt.

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Greetings steemians,

It's been a while.

Well, I was mentioned in a group by @jeaniepearl to see a post by @mosunomotunde calling out steemians who have forgotten their account or stopped posting and a giveaway by @infovoro which I did.

The bear market has been awful but it has taught me alot.

Update about my life

Firstly, I want to be honest, I've been lazy ever since my phone's calibrator got bad. Like typing has been hell,though Google Voice has been helpful but stressful, like I can't imagine trying to text or make up stuffs and it gets hard typing on a bad phone. So everything combined made me lazy.

Secondly before my phone became worst, I've been into airdrop which was introduced to me by @amec, he's been a wonderful teacher and supporter. I'm in different groups, I've learnt how to fill and earn from them,though some turned out to be

Thirdly, I went back to my sewing classes, sew some for myself though I'm not very perfect,did some ushering jobs that came my way. . Then i got into building my medium account and instagram too.

Lessons learnt

I must say since the bear, i became wise with spending and saving, I cut off some stuffs that weren't necessary,i got on research and became open to some offline jobs ,i focused on the reality and I realized that at some point things get worst but it doesn't mean it's the end but beginning of something beautiful.
And sometimes when things go bad, we should try to push through not give up.
It also taught me to know my true friends and people who were really my friends. I grew stronger and I know I am worth loving.

I can't say I have forgotten this platform,even when some sold their account,deleted their posts and all.. I just couldn't, it reminded me of how and what I did for my life,though the low earnings couldn't motivate me to post, the big guys were far and i felt like I wasn't seen.
Well, I appreciate those who didn't give up,kept posting, y'all are amazing.
After this post, I would be more motivated to write things, even if it's short but inspiring.

Lastly,the annual conference Steemit in Nigeria(sin) done by @ehiboss and team, has brought more steemians together, reminding them of a beautiful platform and community they built and that got my time too.

Congratulations and Welcome to myself and those who are back.

Thanks for reading

I remain Enoye 👑


Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...

Thanks honey...

Welxcome back dear.... Nice to have u back

Thanks my love...

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