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Greetings Steemians!
Its been a while here,i came across this post by @mosunomotunde from my sister @enoye and i was and still is excited because its been a while i made a post here...

I remember contest actually gave me inspirations to write an article where i get to express myself and all,both reading and writing articles was something i love to do... My dearest friend who left a long time ago, Emmanuel even invited me to medium but I've been really preoccupied with alot,school,sewing,cooking,ushering and airdrops...

I know a saying "money shouldn't be the reason you do something, it should be a compensation for it,love what you do"but to be honest when you don't have any proof of what you've worked for, it becomes frustrating,i could barely get a dollar on my and i stopped receiving the infovoro's touch which even motivated me and alot of my folks. It also frustrated those who depended on it to do alot🤦‍♀.

What I've been up to....

I started or should i rather say i continued with filling airdrops thanks to @amec who was never tired of explaining things to me and @sweetestglo and @destinysaid @jeaniepearl, they were really helpful.... I filled to the extent my phone crashed and that was really heartbroken but i got my reward from one of the tokens.

Then school resumed but ASUU(Academic Staff Union of Universities)decided to strike for months and i couldn't get a job, so i decided to learn a trade... I learnt how to sew clothes.

I continued with ushering,my unstable part time job though it was stressful but fun,sometimes id want to upload it here but i forget.
Sorry i don't have any pictures here because my phone crashed, i even lost some of my tokens online because i didn't save my 2fa keys, hard work was wasted but i moved on.
i used to view people's articles and learn from them,then i realized some certain peepz never gave up, people left, some took a break like me.

What i learnt from the bear market
The bear market taught me to be strong, observant,to learn new things online and offline,it broke my heart at some point where the coins i bought at high rates dropped and it was more like they were dead and never resurrecting.
I also learnt to research more and do my own research on certain tokens and coins..
I went on some reachout, some not steemit inclined just to show love to the less privileged kids and families.
I learnt to HODL, both online and offline...
And most especially discover myself...
I also applied the techniques i used online, offline
School has been stressful but am still learning to balance the both.
Thanks to everyone who thought about this giveaway idea and to everyone who read this post.
I remain @emem but that's the only picture i have now😂 selfiecamera_2019-03-23-13-17-38-308.jpg (L @enoye, R me)


Welcome back. 😃

Steemit is our home which we will always return to :)

Thanks love
Yes o, no place like home!

Good to have you back, welcome on board

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Thanks alot dear😘

See who we have here, hope to see you around more.

Yes love...thanks

Thanks darling

Pretty you. Welcome back.

Thanks sweetheart

Welcome back dear....nice to see u around

Thanks alot dearie🤗🤗

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