Day 3 of 6, Picture Rocks National Lake Shore Hike, August 21st 2019

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Day 3 we got up in the morning after spending a very cold night. The temperature dropped overnight to high 30’s but we survived. All the other nights stayed around the 50’s or so.


That night we met some more hikers/campers and had smores while staying up late talking.


While we were packing up Pete had pulled out all his food and left it alone by the bear box. This black bird came over and stole his cocoa. Pete thought if he fed it then the bird would go away. Well obviously the bird thought Pete was a sucker and conned him out of some chips, a cookie, and some random stuff.

We got back on the trail around 9:30 am. Pete and I hiked to Pine Bluff campsite about 7.7 miles away. We saw lots of nice cliff views and a waterfall. Here are some pictures and videos from day 3.

d3 1.jpg

Here is Chapel Rock. A tree grew up on the edge of a cliff. Over the years the cliff has eroded away leaving the pillar that now holds the tree. There used to be an arch of sand stone that the tree’s roots ran across to the cliff but it collapsed over time leaving just the roots. It seems like the roots are a rope holding the tree at it’s dock keeping it from floating off over Lake Superior.

d3 2.jpg

After seeing this amazing treescape we headed on and found these cool cliff sights…

d3 3.jpg

I took my shoes off and walked out to the edge of Spray Falls and took a peak over. Pete was afraid to go anywhere near the edge of the cliffs. But he did have a ton of fun viewing from what he considered a safe position. Here is a video…


And Sunset at Pine Bluff Campsite...


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