Back pain: how to get rid of it forever?

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The person who at least once experienced an attack of back pain knows how frustrating it is. But after a few days the pain usually recedes, gets better, and... the patient continues to live as he had lived, rejoicing in the fact that the discomfort can be forgotten.

How to get rid of back pain and not to cause harm to the body Alas, it turns out to forget for a while. According to statistics, 50% of cases of back pain in the course of the year appears again, and in some patients, and even go to your timeline. To reduce this risk, you need to act correctly after the back "entered" for the first time.
For examination!

Any pain signal that the body is not all right. So, even if you lie down and everything went, is to figure out what caused the attack.

The most common cause of back pain osteochondrosis, that is, the destruction of intervertebral disks. This condition can occur due to trauma, but more often the result of natural aging. With age the discs become less hydrated and elastic, worse withstand the load. Their height decreases, and consequently reduces the distance between the vertebrae. This can lead to the terminal nerve roots extending from the spinal cord – in this case there is sciatica, which is accompanied by severe pain.

Affects joints of the spine. When the height of the disc decreases, the surfaces of the joints are displaced relative to each other, and this accelerates the deterioration of their cartilage. This condition is called spondylosis, and it also occurs pain. She's usually nagging, and reasonable, but in certain situations it may be sharp. Moreover, the defeat of the discs and the joints of the spine often leads to spasm of the back muscles, and that hurts in itself.

However, the pain on the background of osteochondrosis, although unpleasant, but not the most dangerous variant. So back may hurt because of a fractured vertebra, tumors, inflammatory lesions of intervertebral disks, due to the disruption of the kidneys. It is therefore imperative to consult a doctor and try to identify the cause.

Reduce the risk

If you find that the pain occurs due to degenerative disc disease and related disorders in the joints of the spine and muscles, your goal is to avoid risk factors that can lead to new exacerbations.

Will help back. 10 steps to health of the spine do Not lift weights. This dramatically increases the pressure on intervertebral discs and joints of the spine. If they are in good condition, the body can compensate, provided that you "thrust" loads are not too often and they are more or less adequate your forces. But even with a healthy back is not recommended at the same time to lift more than 15 pounds. Osteochondrosis and spondiloarthrosis adaptation to the load is reduced and can cause pain and can even lift such a weight with which you previously had. It is especially dangerous when lifting weights you combine with the turning torso to the side.
Do not sit for long periods of time. Well-known Oriental wisdom, which says that it is better to sit than to stand – a bad guide to action in case of problems with the spine. The load on your back when sitting is almost two times higher than when we stand. And if the person slouches, puts under one leg, or leans forward, the pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints of the spine and more evenly distributed. Moreover, during a long stay in a chair or on a chair overstrained muscles surrounding the lower back and neck.

Alas, today many of us sit 8-10 hours a day just because of their profession – people working at the computer. Be sure to get up every hour and warm up: stretch, do a few smooth slopes, just walk. It is important that the workplace was as comfortable as possible. Considered ideal semi-rigid office chair that follows the curves of the spine. If the employer did not care about this, you can buy a special orthopedic pillow under the lower back. It is also worth to use if you spend much time in the car. And of course, outside of work should sit less.

Avoid hypothermia. On the condition of the spine it can affect, of course, cannot but provoke spasm of the back muscles easily. Dress appropriately for the weather, not to freeze and to not sweat, do not stay in the draft.

Move. After a bout of back pain, many try to take care of oneself and therefore severely limit physical activity, giving up the walks and workouts in the gym. This is the wrong tactic.

In the absence of motion, weakens the muscle corset back and a part of the load, which earlier took on the muscle, going into the spine. This further accelerates the destruction of the fabric discs and the articular cartilage.

Strengthen your back: exercises for spinal health problem At back should not train too intensely, playing team games, jump, lift weights. But walking, swimming, stretching exercises will only benefit.
The best prevention treatment

Osteochondrosis and spondiloarthrosis is inevitable – sooner or later everyone will. But that is no reason to let them slide. To reduce the risk of back pain, it is important that the destruction of the cartilage intervertebral discs and facet joints of the spine went as slowly as possible. For this purpose chondro – preparations based on glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. They improve the metabolism in the cartilage tissue, supply the organism substances which need to update, make it more moist. Such drugs are taking courses for several months.

An important part of treatment – gymnastics, to fulfill that need every day. There are several complexes, they are selected based on the condition of the back, the presence or absence of exacerbations, age. But in any case, the exercises are performed smoothly, without jerks, many of them lying down.

Can be used massage, Spa treatments, physical therapy. But they have to pick a doctor because they have a lot of contraindications.


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